“Mad Respect,” Says Uorfi Javed, Amicably Ending Twitter Banter With Kangana Ranaut

How about a movie together?
“Mad Respect,” Says Uorfi Javed, Amicably Ending Twitter Banter With Kangana Ranaut

So, what looked like a war of words on Twitter between Kangana Ranaut and Uorfi Javed has turned into an amicable adoration towards each other. The to and fro of political opinions between these two celebrities has ended on a good note, with only love and respect in the air. Uorfi Javed accepted the difference in political opinions with Kangana Ranaut but also expressed her respect for the actress. And in response to this tweet, the Emergency actress also spoke her heart out.


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In her previous tweet, Kangana Ranaut had written a few words of encouragement for Uorfi Javed and also sent her best wishes. In response to that, Uorfi Javed happily acknowledged that her political views do not match with the actress, however, in the same tweet, Uorfi also wrote that she had “Mad respect” for Kangana. 

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Well, how could Kangana Ranaut have avoided such a sweet message? However, Kangana first clarified that she is not a political person, but rather a “sensitive and sensible” one. She also revealed about being asked to join politics many times. Kangana Ranaut also took a dig at the people who don’t agree with her political opinions and hate her for it.

Uorfi Javed and Kangana Ranaut’s debate had initially started over a communal statement that the latter had made on the success of Pathaan. However, the unexpected bond that was seen developing between the two over this Twitter conversation gives rise to many suspicions. Is there a possibility that both of them could team up for a movie and well, we can definitely expect good chemistry between them? Let’s see if there’s more to this interesting conversation between the two bold and unapologetic women of our country!

Kangana Ranaut, Uorfi Javed Engage In War Of Words Over Art, Actors, Religion On Twitter!

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