I Cannot Wait To Finally See Fawad Khan In ‘Ms Marvel’ Episode 5. And I’m Not Alone, The Hype Is Real!

I Cannot Wait To Finally See Fawad Khan In ‘Ms Marvel’ Episode 5. And I’m Not Alone, The Hype Is Real!

It’s a dull and grey Tuesday evening here in Mumbai, with rains turning the streets into waterways. I’m swamped with work, but not in the mood because I mean, who is? I continue ignoring my to-do list and browsing social media when I come across this little moonbeam. Ladies and gents, it is time. Ms Marvel Episode 5 drops tomorrow. And we’re hours, mere hours away, from FINALLY seeing Fawad Khan.

*Spoiler Alert for those who haven’t watched Ms Marvel Episode 4!*

So, if you, like me, have been hawk-eyed while watching the series, with hopes of spotting some sign of our cosmic crush, Fawad Khan, then friends, we lucked out last week. Kamala Khan is in Karachi, Pakistan, at her Nani’s home, and while exploring around, she picks up a picture of her great-grandfather, Hassan. And that, right there, is when Fawad Khan fans across the world collectively screamed. Because it’s a blink-and-you-miss look at him in the picture and it kindles the hope that the next episode brings us a lot more of him!

And well, it does! Because Ms. Marvel Episode 3 ended with Kamala transported back into time, to Karachi Station during the Partition, where her Nani got separated from her father and the bangle’s powers brought her back to him somehow, though Ayesha, Kamala’s great grandmother, was lost that day. It has been known for a while now that Fawad Khan plays Kamala’s great grandfather, and honestly, I was hoping to catch a glimpse of him as a sort of cliffhanger. But I guess Episode 5 it is!

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I’ve been excitedly tweeting about the highly anticipated arrival of Fawad Khan on the scene and I am clearly not alone! For Fawad fans, it’s like waiting for the chand on Eid!

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See what I mean?!

Even Ms Marvel herself, Iman Vellani revealed that her mom was excited about Fawad Khan being in the show!

The expectation is sky-high for Fawad Khan! But also, this is the penultimate episode of Ms. Marvel, which adds another load of expectations on tomorrow’s episode! Episode 4 gave us another highly anticipated appearance, that of Farhan Akhtar as Waleed of the Red Daggers. However, it seemed (at that moment) like a short stint, which left plenty of fans disappointed. Let’s hope we don’t feel so about Fawad’s character tomorrow!

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Ms Marvel Episode 5 is currently streaming with new episodes weekly on Wednesdays on Disney+ Hotstar.

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