Exclusive: Nisha Rawal Talks About Female Pleasure, Says “Your Pleasure Is Your Responsibility”

She has a point!

In a recent chat with Hauterrfly on The Male Feminist, TV actress Nisha Rawal spoke about female pleasure and shared how she was in denial for the longest time. She also highlighted how one should be responsible for their own pleasure. FYI, known for her work in Main Lakshmi Tere Aangan Ki, Nisha Rawal made headlines for her rather messy domestic dispute with husband, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai fame Karan Mehra. The actress accused her husband of domestic abuse and extramarital affair and the duo are currently undergoing divorce.

Nisha Rawal On Female Pleasure

When The Male Feminist host Siddhaarth Aalambayan touched upon the topic of female pleasure, Nisha was quick to express that she was shocked by how much in denial she was about it while adding that one needs to take responsibility for their own pleasure and communicate with their partner.

“Main bohot shocked hoon. Female pleasure ke baare mein aap bol rahe ho, matlab main bohot shocked hoon ki main kitne denial mein rahi hoon. And I feel that peheli baat toh your pleasure is your responsibility, not theirs alone. When I say that I mean to say that, of course communication is the key. You will have to communicate with your partner on what they can do to help you achieve that pleasure and they will do it because they love you, they care about you and you will do the same. But I’m saying that ultimately, it’s your responsibility,” says Nisha Rawal!

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Nisha Rawal Talks About How Society Treats Separated Women

Nisha also spoke about how society is offended by separated women doing everything and living their lives. She questioned why people have a problem with a woman living her life when they’re doing nothing to help her.

“Agar ek woman, jo khud usse (separation) guzar rahi hai sochti hai ki vo ye bhi kar sakti hai, vo bhi kar sakti hai, if she can date also, go to office also, she can work however she wants to work, she can wear what she wants to wear toh aapko kya takleef hai bhaisahaab? Aap toh koi madad nahi kar rahe, par aap tane maar rahe ho. Who cares about your tane? It’s so passé, like grow up. If you can’t make it easy for anyone, don’t make it difficult. (You’re not helping the woman but you’re taunting her. Who cares about your taunts/comments?)”, says the actress.

Watch the whole video here for more.

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All You Need To Know About Nisha Rawal, Karan Mehra’s Domestic Dispute

Nisha Rawal filed a complaint of domestic violence against her husband Karan Mehra in 2021. The actress filed the complaint after she arrived at the Goregaon Police station with a bleeding head. Soon after the complaint, the actor was arrested and later released on bail. The actress also accused Karan of having an extramarital affair while the actor accused Nisha of living in adultery with her “rakhi brother”. Nisha had also accused Karan of withdrawing money from her account. On the other hand, the actor claimed to have evidence against all claims made by the actress. The couple is currently separated and a divorce case was filed by them in 2022.

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