Exclusive: Nisha Rawal On Living In Denial About Abusive Marriage With Karan Mehra: “Abuse Is Not Just Physical…”

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Exclusive: Nisha Rawal On Living In Denial About Abusive Marriage With Karan Mehra: “Abuse Is Not Just Physical…”

In the latest episode of The Male Feminist, host– Siddhaarth Aalambayan welcomed actress Nisha Rawal. Rawal, who recently appeared in the popular reality show–Lock Upp, spoke about raising a child as a single mother, parting ways with ex-husband and actor Karan Mehra and instances of abuse in her marriage. In conversation with Hauterrfly, the actress delved a little deep into her divorce case with Mehra and spoke about the signs that one should observe in a marriage.

Talking about her past traumas, Rawal revealed that her single mother’s experiences with life, somewhere had her promising to herself that she would never be a single mother. The trauma was so deep, that it led Nisha to hold on to her marriage. She mentioned–”I would like to tell people that when you get those signs, it is time to move on and you should before life pushes you out of that door. Because when that happens, you’re not prepared, because you wanna live in denial.”

Speaking about the red flags in a marriage, Rawal mentioned–”Red flags are abuse. Abuse is not just physical, but mental and physical. Where you don’t feel you belong or are being served the right respect and you don’t think you are served the right behaviour. Whether it is in conversations or in front of somebody else. You feel you’re being demeaned and I was living in denial too.”

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She went on to mention that her state of denial was formed because of social conditioning and the idea that this is normal. Rawal spoke about giving herself reasons to stay in the relationship, while her inner voice was continuously warning her. Nisha also spoke about the times people accuse the woman instead of the man, for “provoking” or digging out a “reaction” like that. She added–”This is very wrong. These things might feel provocative to you, but the woman is not doing it with an intention. Because we all have seen women in a very docile state over centuries.”

Rawal enlisted the many behavioural expectations that people from women. Furthermore, Nisha also spoke about the importance of financial literacy, her marriage, childbirth and more.

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