Exclusive: Neeta Lulla Reveals Why She Got Married At 16: “My Parents Wanted Me To Study, I Didn’t Want To”

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Exclusive: Neeta Lulla Reveals Why She Got Married At 16: “My Parents Wanted Me To Study, I Didn’t Want To”

In a heartfelt conversation with Hauterrfly’s The Male Feminist, renowned designer Neeta Lulla shared a deeply personal revelation about her life. She opened up about her decision to get married at the tender age of 16, a practice that was once common in India. Neeta Lulla, celebrated for her iconic costumes in Bollywood movies like Devdas, Jodha Akbar, and Baabul, stumbled into the world of fashion by chance rather than by design. During her chat with The Male Feminist host, she candidly recounted her early marriage experience. Neeta revealed, “I had decided to get married myself because my parents were insisting on further education, but I didn’t want to study. So, I thought, let’s just get married.”

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Neeta Lulla On Her Marital Journey

Reflecting on her marital journey, Neeta described her husband as a doctor and her in-laws as highly educated individuals. She found herself in a family where academic achievements were the norm, while she had only completed 10th grade with a modest 45 percent. Feeling out of place, she expressed her desire to return home when her family asked to get back to study, but her in-laws also encouraged her to at least complete 12th grade and after that, she can pursue a hobby. Neeta accepted the challenge and decided to explore tailoring as a hobby.

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Little did she know that this hobby would eventually lead her into the world of fashion education. She reminisced, “I thought it was just a hobby, but it turned out to be a full-fledged fashion education.” In her own words, Neeta Lulla’s journey is a testament on how life can work out in so many unexpected ways. Despite facing societal pressures and navigating unfamiliar territories, she found her passion and carved out a successful career in fashion design.


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On the latest episode of The Male Feminist, Neeta Lulla also talks about being pregnant while attending school, working with Yash Raj Chopra, Sri Devi and more.

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