Exclusive: Jasmine Bhasin Shares All The Things Men NEED To Do To Be Better Feminist Allies!

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The definition of feminism changes with evolving times. While some find the idea and concept too daunting for men, some others feel it’s the need of the hour to prescribe to these standards. But besides women, men need to learn the art of being better feminist allies to coexist with the other half. Speaking about which, actress Jasmine Bhasin arrived in the latest episode of Hauterrfly’s The Male Feminist. Opening up about her life as a child, adult and now as one of the most popular actresses in the Indian television realm, Bhasin poured her heart out to host Siddhaarth Aalambayan.


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Talking about her lens of equality, the actress shared how her first few lessons on it were learnt right at home. She further gave solid advice to men and suggested how they can be better feminist allies, “You guys just have to treat and look at us as equals. Give us love and respect, that is it. It is very easy to do so.” She further added, “We’re not that complicated as much as it is talked about in novels. All we need is love and respect and to be treated as equals.”


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Moreover, when asked what men should stop telling women, Jasmine reacted and dramatically said–”Ki tum yeh nahi kar sakti.” She added,” There is absolutely nothing in this world that women cannot do.” And we definitely agree with her. Throughout this conversation, Bhasin also opened up about her relationship with actor Aly Goni, and her bond with her brother and family. Bhasin also touched upon some important subjects like the importance of financial independence for women. To catch the full interview, click on the link below.

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