Chinmayi Sripada Reacts To Mansoor Ali Khan’s Plan To Sue Trisha After His Rape Comment: “He’s Still Not Suspended”

This is getting out of hand!
Chinmayi Sripada Reacts To Mansoor Ali Khan’s Plan To Sue Trisha After His Rape Comment: “He’s Still Not Suspended”

Mansoor Ali Khan, the actor who recently found himself in hot water for making derogatory remarks about his co-star Trisha Krishnan, seems to be fanning the flames of controversy yet again. Despite initially offering an apology to Trisha, he’s now claiming that his apology was nothing more than a joke. In a surprising turn of events, he has announced his intention to sue Trisha Krishnan for defamation. Singer Chinmayi Sripada also took to X reacting to the same news.

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The controversy started when Mansoor Ali Khan’s inappropriate comments about Trisha Krishnan went viral, sparking public outrage. Initially, he reluctantly apologized for his remarks, but it seems that the apology was not sincere. In a bizarre twist, he is now considering legal action against Trisha for defamation, raising eyebrows and intensifying the ongoing controversy.

Singer Chinmayi Sripada took to X (formerly Twitter) to share her thoughts on the matter. In a tweet, she highlighted the apparent lack of action against Mansoor Ali Khan by industry associations despite his offensive remarks. She contrasted this with the recent termination of a woman from the Dubbing Union for seeking legal help regarding sexual harassment, revealing a stark disparity in the treatment of individuals in the industry.

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Mansoor Ali Khan earlier had posted a message on Instagram, claiming ignorance about the situation until his children informed him. He dismissed the uproar as a smear campaign orchestrated against him just before the release of an upcoming film. Trisha Krishnan, upon learning about this video, promptly denounced Mansoor Ali Khan on Twitter, pledging never to work with him again.

The issue didn’t stop there. Khusbu Sundar, a member of the National Commission for Women (NCW), took up the matter with the commission. Consequently, the NCW has requested the Tamil Nadu Director General of Police (DGP) to take appropriate action against Mansoor Ali Khan. The controversy not only highlights the challenges of addressing misconduct in the entertainment industry but also raises questions about the accountability of individuals in positions of influence.

Chinmayi Sripada, Khushbu Sundar, And More Condemn Mansoor Ali Khan’s Rape Scene Remark; Twitter Demands Legal Action

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