“Apology For Rape Comment Was A Joke”: Mansoor Ali Khan To Sue Trisha, Chiranjeevi For Defamation. The Audacity!

What on Earth is this?
“Apology For Rape Comment Was A Joke”: Mansoor Ali Khan To Sue Trisha, Chiranjeevi For Defamation. The Audacity!

Popular actors Trisha and Mansoor Ali Khan have been making it to the news headlines for their ugly fights. It all started when, Ali Khan made a sexist comments on the actress and his shocking remarks about “rape scenes.” The actor was seriously boycotted by the industry and was on the receiving end of  some serious backlash from everyone on the industry. His disrespectful comments on the Leo co-star were instantly condemned by the actress.

Trisha took to her Twitter handle and declared breaking all ties with the actor, besides vowing not to work with him in the future. Followed by a lot of hate, the actor felt the need to apologise the actress, which he did with an open letter. Responding to which, Trisha also mentioned–”To err is human, to forgive is divine.” But, what has come to the forefront is a totally new turn.

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In the latest update, the actor mentioned he is planning to sue the actress. In conversation with CNN News18, Ali Khan said–”We are doing it (filing defamation case) today. We have prepared all the documents.” He mentioned that he has already planned to file a defamation case against the actress for the controversy. When questioned by the press, about his apology, the actor said–”It was the biggest joke.” Excuse me, what?

According to Ali Khan’s latest statement, he will be taking a strict action against Trisha. The audacity of this man, to not find his fault in his problematic statements has us tripping. Previously, Ali Khan was summoned All Women Police Station (AWPS) of Thousand Lights, Chennai charged the actor for not appearing at the Chennai police station, when booked for his derogatory remarks.

पोस्ट शेयर कर Mansoor Ali Khan ने Trisha Krishnan से मांगी माफी, कहा “मुझे माफ कर दो मेरी को-स्टार!”

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