Chinmayi Sripada, Khushbu Sundar, And More Condemn Mansoor Ali Khan’s Rape Scene Remark; Twitter Demands Legal Action

Such vile and derogatory comments!

In the age of social media, public figures are constantly under scrutiny for their words and actions. This weekend, the spotlight turned to actor Mansoor Ali Khan, whose distasteful and misogynistic remarks about fellow actors Trisha, Roja, and Khushbu sparked outrage on Twitter.

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The controversy erupted when a video clip of an interview featuring Mansoor Ali Khan went viral. In the interview, the actor made shocking comments about his on-screen roles, particularly when playing the antagonist in Tamil films. He said that they do not allow them to rape anymore. He had wanted to tell at the time of Leo but did not. When he came to know that he would be acting with Trisha, he thought there would be some bedroom scenes. These comments not only crossed the line of decency but also ignited a firestorm on social media.

Reacting promptly, Trisha took to her official Twitter handles to condemn Mansoor Ali Khan for his inappropriate and derogatory remarks. Trisha expressed her disappointment, emphasizing the importance of respect for women, fellow artists, and professionals in any industry. She called out the actor for his unacceptable behavior, a sentiment echoed by numerous Twitter users who expressed their disapproval of Mansoor Ali Khan’s remarks.

A Twitter user conveyed dismay and fury at the misogynistic comments attributed to Mr. Mansoor Ali Khan, particularly citing their previous collaboration. Emphasizing the non-negotiable importance of respecting women, fellow artists, and industry professionals, they outright condemned such behavior. This sentiment found resonance among others, who anticipate repercussions for the actor’s actions.

Khushbu Sundar, Malavika Mohanan, Chinmayi Sripada, Amaal Malik targeted in Mansoor Ali Khan’s comments, didn’t mince her words either. Taking to Twitter, she expressed her vehement condemnation of the actor’s speech. In a powerful statement, she addressed the broader issue of men feeling entitled to insult women, emphasizing that such behavior would not be ignored. Khushbu called on Mansoor Ali Khan to apologize not only to the female actors he mentioned but also to women in general for displaying a “dirty, misogynist, lowly mindset.” Her tweet highlighted the strength and resilience of women in today’s society, asserting that they are more than capable of standing up for their respect and dignity.

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Twitter users persisted in expressing their indignation, with one user bluntly stating, “Shame on him! He believes he’s beyond consequences for his actions or words.” There’s a collective hope that this individual doesn’t reappear in the LCU. This incident stands as a stark reminder of social media’s potency in holding individuals responsible for their behavior, amplifying the call for respect and equality not just within the entertainment industry but in broader society as well.

Trisha Krishna has also vowed to not work with Mansoor Ali Khan again in movies.

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