Bigg Boss 17: Vicky Jain Thrown Out Of Activity Area For Manipulating Ankita Lokhande During Dance-Off Task!

He had it coming sort of!
Bigg Boss 17: Vicky Jain Thrown Out Of Activity Area For Manipulating Ankita Lokhande During Dance-Off Task!

Bigg Boss 17, has been a rollercoaster of emotions, drama, and unexpected twists. With each passing episode, the intensity of the competition escalates, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats. In the latest jaw-dropping episode, the spotlight shifted to Vicky Jain, who found himself on the receiving end of Bigg Boss’s stern reprimand.

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The shockwave hit when Bigg Boss bestowed special powers upon Ankita Lokhande, Sana Raees Khan, and Khanzaadi. Their mission: to eliminate five contestants each in three rounds from the ‘Power Race.’ The first round saw Ankita, Sana, and Khanzaadi performing to the melodious tune of ‘Mere Dholna,’ each eliminating contestants with strategic precision.

In a surprising turn of events, Vicky Jain, known for his strategic gameplay, fell victim to the power play. Sana Raees Khan, in an assertive move, removed Vicky Jain along with two other contestants from the race during the first round. However, it was the subsequent drama that unfolded in the second round that truly shook the Bigg Boss house. During the second round, tensions flared as Khanzaadi, Ankita Lokhande, and Sana Raees Khan engaged in a heated argument over the sequence of their performances. In response to the escalating discord, Bigg Boss intervened, demanding the trio to perform together and collectively decide the fate of one contestant.

This is where the plot took a dramatic twist. Vicky Jain, in a bold move, entered the activity area and attempted to influence Ankita Lokhande’s decision. Bigg Boss, quick to spot the manipulation, did not mince words. In a surprising turn of events, Vicky Jain was promptly thrown out of the activity area for attempting to sway Ankita’s judgment. As the trio eventually performed and eliminated contestants in the second round, the dust settled with the removal of Arun Mashettey, Mannara Chopra, and Navid Sole. The final round, led by Khanzaadi, concluded with the elimination of Jigna Vora, paving the way for Rinku Dhawan to secure victory in the task and gain immunity from the impending week’s elimination.

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As the members of the Dil, Dimaag, and Dum rooms continue to navigate the challenges within the Bigg Boss house, tensions have been running high. In the previous episode, a heated exchange between Aishwarya Sharma and Ankita Lokhande unfolded, setting the stage for what would become a game-changing moment in the show’s narrative.

The episode not only showcased the strategic intricacies of the ‘Power Race’ but also underlined the zero-tolerance policy for manipulation within the Bigg Boss house. As the drama unfolds, audiences can only brace themselves for more unexpected twists, intense confrontations, and strategic manoeuvres in the days to come. Bigg Boss 17 continues to be a thrilling ride, where alliances shift like the sands of time, and every move could be a game-changer.

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