From Breaking Gender Stereotypes To Calling Out Misogyny, 5 Oaths We Want Men To Take This Woman’s Day

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From Breaking Gender Stereotypes To Calling Out Misogyny, 5 Oaths We Want Men To Take This Woman’s Day

Women’s Day is just around the corner, and I am writing this for all men who are currently thinking of gift ideas for their wives, mothers, sisters and girlfriends. Maybe we try and come up with new ideas for this, what say? Instead of picking up some expensive gift from a shop, or posting philosophical quotes on social media for the dear women in your life, men, you should rather make some very important promises to them. I will list a few here!

Break Gender Stereotypes

It will be great for the women around you if you step up and be a good ally to them in breaking gender stereotypes. This starts from home. There are many chores expected to be done only by the women of the house, try breaking such stereotypes and be equally present in household activities as well. Even in your professional space, try coming out of the bubby mindset that women are incapable of anything at work!

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A Progressive Mindset

The world is in desperate need of males who have a progressive perspective when it comes to women’s growth and respecting their choices. Men, who do not pull women back with the patriarchal mindset, or regressive ideologies. So this Women’s Day, take an oath to correct yourself whenever you feel that the conditioning as a man in this patriarchal society is blocking your judgments.

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A Non-Judgemental Attitude

It is very easy to judge a woman for everything that she does or does not do. So instead of sharing big philosophical quotes that hail women, try applying them in your day-to-day life.

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Call Out Other Men When They’re Wrong!

Men need to teach other men too! That’s how this world will become a better place for men. Take the pain of calling out other men when they display a misogynistic mindset against women. Correct them in private spaces too, and refrain from doing locker room talks when men degrade women!

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Build the patience to listen and understand the important women in your life. Don’t dismiss their suggestions, perspectives, problems or their dreams based on some conditioned ideologies that you subconsciously carry!

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Don’t forget to wish the ladies!

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