On International Women’s Day, This Is What We Women Want Instead Of Wishes

Give us more than Whatsapp forwards this year!

March 8 is annually observed as International Women’s Day and it’s the one day of the year when everyone suddenly starts talking about women’s issues and celebrates women. But TBH, we’re just sick of hearing everyone wish us this day when we’re taken for granted throughout the year. What’s the point of celebrating women’s day when women across the globe continue to get abused, raped, assaulted and whatnot. Apart from crimes against women, we also have to deal with gender discrimination and gender stereotypes as well. All this because we’re biologically different from men. NGL but we don’t want politicians and public figures wishing us on this day because this International Women’s Day, we want something more than just forwarded Whatsapp messages and tweets. This women’s day here’s a list of all the things we want from the government.

1. Period Leaves

We don’t want to bend over in pain, take a deep breath and get back to working when period cramps make us feel like pure death. We want to be able to say it out aloud that we are on our periods and take the day off from work to rest and let our body heal from the pain and fatigue.


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2. Stricter Rape Laws

Everyone should have the right to say no, irrespective of their marital status. No woman should be forced to have sex with someone just because he’s her husband. Apart from marital rape laws, we also need stricter rape laws to ensure that rapists are punished and NOT ALLOWED to roam the streets. This also means that government need to ensure that rapists don’t come out on parole or get an early release.


3. Women’s Safety

Women’s safety has been a major issue for the longest time and in 2023, we finally want to feel safe and protected in our own homes. We want to be able to step out in the city at night and know that we’re safe and no harm will come to us. We want rapists to be taken off the streets and put behind bars to ensure that women can roam the streets without fear. Cyberspace also needs to be made more secure for women. There need to be strict laws to ensure women’s safety on the internet.

4. Better Healthcare/Sanitization Facilities

As women, we aren’t privileged like men who can pee anywhere without having to worry about hygiene and sanitization. We have to hold our breaths and squat over the toilet seat to pee in public toilets. Apart from cleaner public toilets, women need more access to better healthcare facilities and schemes.

5. Sex Education

Sex education can go a long way in empowering men and women. Proper sex education in schools can help men understands the concept of consent and it lets women learn about their bodies. It also removes the stigma around sex and women’s bodies.

6. Laws Against Gender Pay Gap

Sure, we’re far far away from completely eradicating pay parity but laws against the gender pay gap can be a good start to equal rights for women. Apart from equal pay, we women also need and deserve equal access to opportunities. But with no laws giving women equal opportunity and banning the gender pay gap, we’re nowhere near gender equality.

7. Female Representation In Government

Women are nearly 50% of the population but when it comes to female representation in the government, there aren’t enough female leaders. We need to see more women in decision-making roles in the government so, men don’t take decisions that affect women without a woman’s say in it.

8. Support For Women In Sports

Female representation in sports is just as important but that cannot happen without proper infrastructure, protection and support from the government. And it’s time they focus more on sportswomen and provide them with all the support possible.

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TBH, we’re sick of one day of celebrating women and speaking about women’s issues without any steps being taken to bring change. So, here’s to hoping that the government provides aid instead of simple tweets to wish us this international women’s day.

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