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This Diwali, Gift Her Your Time

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Birthdays and anniversaries are fun. They are celebrations. Warm, fuzzy evenings spent cuddling up and enjoying decadent dinners are just the best, aren’t they? It’s the shopping, the gifting that can be really tricky. Do you get her flowers? Or a ring? What’s too cliche? What will she love? And more importantly, what is something that she won’t want to return immediately and get something she actually likes? The questions are endless and there’s not much to go on, even if you know the person pretty well.

Just going by what they have already, it seems like they have it all. Well, at least the things they love. From those twinkling fairy lights in the bedroom to the fabulous TV, the home is a reflection of them, of you guys. This Diwali, gift her a something that she will love, that will bring up wonderful memories, stolen moments that she can tuck away for another time. Give her the gift of time.

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You may have spent many years together and have a lifetime ahead of you but a gift of a watch is a classic, timeless, if you will. As you grow older, make your own family, overcome the hardships and revel in the happiness together, the watch will be a reminder of beautiful times, good and bad. Of moments, some big, some small, some passing, some that will be etched in memory. A watch ia beautiful way to export yourself to another time.

Give her the gift of time. Of your time. And of a lifetime together.


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