There’s A Whole New Concert-going Experience Waiting For Us, Thanks To 5G

There’s A Whole New Concert-going Experience Waiting For Us, Thanks To 5G

There’s something special about catching your favourite singer LIVE in action. Before the pandemic took away the joys of concerts from us, a whole night spent in the open air while an artist belts out the numbers you love was an unforgettable experience. The energy, the palpable excitement-it was like watching magic happen. Unfortunately, the pandemic means that we’re going to have to watch our artists in action on our screens, with questionable internet speeds which means that buffering takes forever.

Wait, what are we talking about? So, here’s a bit of news that’s exciting. Airtel is bringing you the future of the internet. We’re talking IOT, smart devices, smart homes, the whole hog. Airtel is the first in the industry to have already tested 5G in 2018 and it’s currently scaling up those very tests in Hyderabad. We can’t wait for them to roll it out.

Besides travel, homes and literally everything in our life, Airtel’s 5G will also change concert going experience in the new normal. A new normal where we socially distance but also still go to a concert. And while that experience will be new, it’s going be enhanced.

  1. Concerts Will Get More Interactive

Yes, we are saying that there is a chance that concerts are going to get better. They will be more interactive, more engaging, while you’re still safe. Yes! Imagine that you don’t just get to watch your favourite stars from the arena, you get to interact with them with VR and AR kicking in. Airtel has just tested 5G capabilities and this will transform the concert-going experience.

With these speeds, inside the stadium, attendees can use virtual reality and augmented reality to walk on the stage, watch behind the scenes footage, be an audience to a sound check. It’s more that just being an audience, now you’re a part of their behind-the-scenes life.

2. Concerts Will Have Real Time Updates

With network being shared by all concert goers, smart phones can be rendered useless at concerts. The most use you get out of it is when you’re swaying to your favourite song with the torch on. But that’s about to change with Airtel’s 5 G capabilities. Fans will have network and a chance to get real time updates. Concert attendees can virtually try out merchandise, shifting between sizes and choosing between colours. With a 5G network, the queues at stores inside the venue will be smaller. Concert goers will also be able to choose what bars or food stalls at the venue are busy and head for another one. A 5G capable network would mean that you don’t have to settle for soggy fries and warm beer, even at concerts.

3. Even Remotely, The Concert-Going Experience Will Be Unparalleled

If you are catching the concert remotely, a reality in today’s times, with Airtel’s 5G speeds, you can expect uninterrupted streaming, more interaction with the content and catch the whole thing on your mobile phone. The entire experience would also get personalised with options to choose camera angles, even possibly move closer to a performer, one that you want to specifically hear. It’s like being at the venue.

With additional bandwidth thanks to Airtel’s 5G, the network will be able to handle a vast amount of users who can then consume copious amounts of data, through multiple devices. Even live streaming will continue uninterrupted without buffering. Sounds pretty fantastic!

The concert-going experience will change and for the better. Check out Airtel’s offering here.

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