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With These New adidas Kicks, You’ll Never Miss Your Daily Run Again!

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Haven’t we all used the weather as an excuse not to exercise? I mean, if it’s raining and muddy outside, how can we possibly go for our morning run, right? But considering the monsoon lasts for a good 4 months, we really needed a solution. And the good news is… we just found it!

Step into the adidas UBX All Terrain Shoes; they’re absolutely perfect for running, anywhere and everywhere!

Now if you’ve been following us long enough, you’d know that we’ve been on the run with the original UltraBoost X — we’ve seen it, we’ve lived it, we’ve even heard inspiring stories about it.


Well, now these beloved shoes are back with an ‘upgraded’ bang! No matter what the weather, the UltraBoost X ATR will provide you with the comfort and push your run needs.

Let’s break it down for you — you know how a lot of shoes do not give you that grip, comfort, and end up getting soggy when worn out in the rain? Well, this shoe does exactly the opposite!

Designed to weather it all, the shoes comes with a water-repellent Primeknit upper to prevent your feet from getting wet, a higher ankle collar for better grip, and of course, an updated outsole to handle slippery and rough terrain.

Adidas UBX_Hauterfly

Also if you’re thinking of getting some fresh air amidst the greener parts of the city, this shoe will be the perfect fit. And it works great in the night too thanks to its reflective fabric.

Comfortable, snug, and super stylish, these shoes are apt for any and every occasion.

You know what this means? No matter what the situation the new pair of adidas UBX All Terrain Shoes will make sure you become #GreaterEveryRun! No more excuses, y’all.

This is a dedicated post in collaboration with adidas.

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