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This US Woman Created A Dating App For Those Who Don’t Want Sex, And People Love It!

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While I am all for sex positivity, I feel it is pretty safe to assume that most people on dating apps tend to be there for sex, mainly. Now I am not villainizing anything, one is allowed to enjoy the kind of relationship they want but this connotation is definitely attached to dating apps is that most people there are for hookups. However, this usually ends up with people there for genuine connections not being taken seriously. “Not here for hookups” is almost like a meme in the community which I believe is unfair to those who don’t want to have sex for whatever reason they choose. Hence, for people like them, Shakia Seabrook almost acted as a saviour as she developed a dating app for people choosing to remain abstinent.

A 33-year-old woman from the US, Shakia Seabrook, has created a dating app for those who don’t wish to have sex after she found out how underrepresented the sexually abstinent community is in the online dating industry. Entrepreneur Shakia Seabrook, who is also an abstinent woman herself created ‘The Sexless Tribe’ for people like her who want to remain abstinent. She claims that she wanted to do something after God “called to her.”

According to Times Now News, Shakia Seabrook said, “God just kept showing me this is what I’m calling you to do…pushed back against it because it wasn’t a topic that I was super passionate about. In 2020, I finally gave God my yes and went full throttle from then on out,” she added, “I started the t-shirts and then I realized it wasn’t enough because people wanted community. I came across someone that had created an app and I was like that’s what we need: we need a home, we need a place that we can come together and connect.”

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The app is said to have resources such as different materials and also has space for people to interact with each other. Shakia Seabrook said that the app provides a lot of features such as events hosted via zoom meeting, podcasts, quotes etc.

It is actually refreshing to see a safe space for those that have a different approach to dating and relationships. Shakia Seabrook has genuinely taken the right step in representing those who are like her and might have faced ridicule and rejection based on their preferences on a dating app.

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