Zambian Woman Sues Her Boyfriend For Not Proposing To Her After Dating Her For 8 Years. That’s A Long Wait

Woman sues boyfriend for not proposing

I am in that phase of my life where I can no longer casually date around. And by ‘can’ I mean, ‘don’t want to’. Not that there is a hanging sword over my head that keeps me from having a little fun, but as someone who wishes to have a love marriage, I believe it is important to have dated the guy before for a good couple of years before sealing the deal. But what happens if even after spending enough years together, your partner isn’t really going on one knee and asking you to marry him? What does one do? Do you get frustrated? Heartbroken? Or plain pissed? This woman in Zambia channeled all those emotions to do something we could’ve never imagined! This woman sued her boyfriend. Wait till you hear why.

This is the story of Gertrude Ngoma who after being in a relationship with a guy for 8 long years, found her time being wasted by her boyfriend who had still not proposed to her for marriage. Ouch. The 26-year-old woman has been dating Herbert Salaliki for more than eight years, where in Herbert had often promised Gertrude that things were going somewhere and that he intended on making her, his wife.

And up until now, while Gertrude had been as patient as she had been hopeful, but at some point the elusive ring and wedding became a sore point and she grew fed up of sitting around and decided to get the courts involved. Guess whether for marriage or not, she was taking their relationship to the next level. And it’s certainly not every woman who sues her boyfriend.

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She sued Herbert for wasting her time and not proposing marriage after eight years of dating and according to a report by Tuko said that, “He has never been serious, that is why I bought him to court because I deserve to know the way forward and our future.” Talk about women knowing how to get their way, seems like we are done waiting around for me and are all for a – ‘go get it for yourself’ attitude, be it a commitment, an answer or just some closure.

However, it was also brought to light that the reason Herbert wasn’t making good on his promise after 8 years of courtship was also because the couple had a kid together,  and even handled a dowry payment, after which he didn’t have enough finances to plan and carry out a wedding. Now, whether that was the truth or just his way of keeping himself from the responsibility of a marriage, we do not know.

The judge, we’re assuming as stunned and confused as us, could also not do much and advised that reconciliation was the best way to take things forward.

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