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Wife Finds Gay Dating Apps On Husband’s Phone, Files For Divorce

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It was a moment of relief when the judiciary body of India decriminalized Section 377. It gave hope to the entire LGBTQ+ community in India that things were changing for the better. And it wasn’t just individuals from the community were impacted, even family members heaved a sigh of relief. Of course, there are still those who believe it to be ‘unnatural’ and or ‘against the Indian culture’. There are enough examples where gays/lesbians are forced into a heterosexual marriage that doesn’t end well for either of them. The recent case of a Bengaluru wife who filed a divorce right after she found the husband on two gay apps and after years of being emotionally abusive. It is the perfect example of what happens when you force things to happen.

Recently, a 28-year old wife accused her husband of cheating on her and filed for a divorce after she found his profile on two gay dating apps. The Bengaluru woman is a software engineer who married her husband in the year 2018.

According to her, it was an arranged marriage and her husband’s second marriage. In her statement, the wife said that they had yet to consummate their marriage as the husband constantly came up with excuses to avoid it. She even claimed that he was emotionally abusive to her in front of his family. And later she found out that he had created a profile on two gay dating apps.

As per the counselor related to the Parihar, Family Counselling Center (Women’s helpline), Basavanagudi Police Station – the husband constantly shied away from the wife most of the time. He first blamed it on being heartbroken about his first marriage and then later made up excuses – like the fact that he didn’t receive enough dowry – to avoid consummating their marriage. The counselor added, “During last year’s lockdown, she saw him glued to his cellphone and spotted a few apps. When the work-from-home period turned worse, she decided to check her husband’s phone.” This is when she found out about his gay dating app profile.

The wife also found that the husband had matched with two partners on the gay dating apps. And so, once the lockdown relaxed a bit, she filed for divorce and a cheating complaint against his family. The husband, on the other hand, accepted to having a profile on two gay dating apps but claimed that he never met any of his matches in person.

The wife’s complaint against the family is evidently justified. Even after knowing the truth about their son being possibly gay, they cheated the woman and her family. In their decision, they not only ruined the woman’s life but also put unimaginable pressure on their son. And they are not the only ones. There are so many families out there that are unable to accept the fact that their son and or daughter could be a part of the LGBTQ+ community. I can probably understand that coming to terms with the fact can be difficult. But the only way ahead is to sit with them, try to understand them, and accept them for who they are.


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