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Vidya Balan Gets Slammed For Only Wearing Indian Clothes? This Kickass Video Will Shut The Trolls Up For Good

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For years, Indian wear like sarees have been the obvious sartorial choice for celebrities to wear at awards, red carpets and even promotional events. Think 90s and early naughts when every actress from Aishwarya Rai to Priyanka Chopra would trust the traditional drape for even the fanciest of galas. However, things have changed and millennial stars believe in exploring new and contemporary categories along with the conventional and stereotypical styles. But there are some celebrities who still can’t get enough of Indian wear and one of them is Vidya Balan. Although she can pull off different styles of dressing equally well, her love for saree and other Indian wear clothes is pretty evident. She is often dressed in exquisite drapes, anarkalis, even fusion wear for most of her events. We think it’s awesome if she chooses to wear Indian but apparently she has been trolled for the same in the past. Seriously? 

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It’s probably not that she doesn’t like a gorgeous gown or a pantsuit but maybe she feels more comfortable and herself in a saree, right? Whatever the reason is, we are no one to judge her choice of dressing and honestly don’t really see anything wrong with sticking to one category of clothing but some people seem to have a problem with that too. Apparently, Vidya has been slammed for wearing only Indian clothes. These are probably the same people who troll other actresses for wearing bikinis and promoting “western culture” by wearing clothes like jeans and dresses. Ugh! 

Anyway, Vidya Balan made a strong statement regarding her choices when it comes to fashion recently with an Instagram post. She posted a video of her graciously walking in a yellow anarkali suit, gajra bun and Indian jewellery which changes to a sultry emerald green gown as soon as she snaps. She captioned the video, “When people tell me I only wear Indian… Snap!” This was def a brilliant way to clapback at the trolls who question her love for Indian attires. She made it crystal clear that she can do both, quite stylishly so, but what she chooses to wear is her decision. 


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Her Instagram feed is a style haven for anyone who has a fetish for sarees and any Indian wear actually (including yours truly). She drops the most beautiful and gorgeous traditional looks one post at a time. And, she experiments within the category too. She recently wore a pretty offbeat saree which came with a frilly underskirt and a Frida Kahlo pocket. Once she wore dhoti pants with a batwing sleeve tunic which was the most effortless fusion wear ever. Apart from these, she often promotes small vendors, artisans and sustainable brands whenever she wears a saree bought or sourced from the local markets and budding labels. That’s so cool. 

What we think is this is just a case of moral and fashion policing that people online are habitual of doing. No matter what women choose to wear, they always have something to say about it. It’s Indian wear for Vidya that they found worthy of criticising and it’s bikini for a lot of other actresses. Maybe it’s not the clothes but their choice to wear whatever they feel like is what outrages them. Well, it’s great that Vidya shut these trolls and made it clear that whether she waltzes in a saree or sways in a gown, it’s her damn choice!

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