Boss Forgets Human Employee Needs To Eat, Gets Mad When She Doesn’t Reply During Lunch Break

Toxic bosses need to be fired!

You all have been at a point in your careers where you have thought you just want to quit and start farming, haven’t you? I will admit that I have because it sometimes gets too much to bear. Sometimes colleagues with a crab mentality make you want to quit or sometimes it is the workload. But most of the time it is the toxic boss who is sucking your life, happiness and the soul out of you. A Twitter user shared a screenshot of how toxic her boss is as he snapped at her for taking a lunch break. Bhai, shouldn’t she eat or what?

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This Twitter user whose username is @Meemikins shared a screenshot of this conversation between her and her boss. As you can read in the chat between the two, the boss asks her something but she did not reply for some time. The boss prodded her again with a question mark. When the woman did not reply again, he snapped at her by asking why was it so difficult to get a response from her during work hours.

This woman, then, informs him that she was on a lunch break. To which, he responds by saying that she works at a marketing agency, not a government office implying that she should always be available to answer the texts.

When one of the Twitter users asks her how she gets 45 minutes of lunch break, she said that she cooks her own meals which takes time. Uff, I relate on a personal level with this! The use also went on to say that boss has not responded to one of her texts about content for over fours. What doglapan is this?

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This entitlement on the boss’ end is so infuriating. Instead of asking why his employee was having lunch at an odd hour, he gets angry at her for not responding. It is these bosses who then get surprised when the employees leave and have the audacity to blame them for quitting. The Twitter user in response to another user said that she will not be comfortable answering where she works because she is on her notice period! Good for you, girl!

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