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This Instagrammer Dressed Up As The Powepuff Girls In A Saree. Her Fashion-y Take On The 90’s Cult Cartoon Is Winning The Internet

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It’s the early 2000s, you just got back from school, tossed your school bag to the side and switched to Cartoon Network on TV. Ah, the good ol’ days with actually good cartoons. Kids’ shows and cartoons are a headache these days featuring cockroaches and what not. They will never know how good The Flintstones, Dexter’s Laboratory and oh, The Powerpuff Girls was. Speaking of which, I always identified with Buttercup. You know, the girl with black hair, green dress and serious temperamental issues? Such a badass character that still remains relatable after all this time. I think I am becoming more like her every day, especially in this lockdown).

Anyway, the three supergirls, Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup spent their days juggling kindergarten and fighting crime in their city, Townsville. How I remember all this? I may or may not watch the show online even now. But I guess, that’s how every 90’s kid feels, right? This makeup artist from Toronto is no different. Hamsha Thavaseelan is still obsessed with the cartoon, like all of us, and created stunning saree looks inspired by the three supergirls.

Although The Powerpuff Girls was a global phenomenon, we didn’t get an Indian version of the cartoon series made where the girls could be brown, clad in Indian wear maybe, fighting crime in Delhi or UP (we could really use that, actually). Well, this Instagrammer reimagined how they would have looked if the desi version was made, after all. Take a look at her video titled ‘The Powerpuff Girls💗💙💚 – Brown Girl Edition’.


She starts the video by putting her version of sugar, spice and everything nice. She drops some flowers, Indian jewellery and curry powder in a jar while the opening theme of the cartoon plays as the background score. She is wearing a white shirt and black pants just like the professor who created the girls (genius!). We don’t know what exactly she used for Chemical X, though. Moving on to the gorgeous looks.

She first appears as Blossom in a pink saree teamed with peach coloured blouse to match the colours of the outfit of the smart and sensible blossom. She is holding pink flowers in her hand (and some placed in her neatly tied-up hair) and wears a red bindi for this look. Next, she wears a blue saree and with let her hair loose and styled in soft curls to represent Bubbles, the sweet and sensitive girl. She also blows bubbles (get it?) out of a blue bubble bottle probably to mirror Bubbles’ innocent and child-like personality. Lastly, she transitions into Buttercup with a hop and appears in a green saree, long braid and a sleek maang tikka on her head. Also, she put on a smile which was rare on Buttercup’s face but we will give her that. We are amazed by her creativity and such detailed outfit looks. Her fashion-y take on The Powerpuff Girls deserves a thumbs-up.

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The internet obviously went gaga over the looks inspired by their favourite cartoon and her video is being shared on the social media platforms, no wonder! One Instagram user wrote, “I love the power puff girls and I love every single outfit through and it was too hard to choose.” Another wrote, “Lmaooo love this and you didn’t give a shout out to your curry powder.”  Gotta say, the curry powder bit was actually pretty clever.

The Powerpuff Girls may not have been made in India and that’s fine since we practically suck at aping the shows of the West (think, The Suite Life of Karan and Kabir, WTF was that?). However, Hamsha gave us a glimpse of how the girls would have looked if it did have a brown girl edition. Plus, it was a nostalgic trip down the childhood days when all we worried about was missing a morning cartoon and having a bowl of chocos. We definitely need more videos like these to forget we are adulting. So, Hamsha, what’s next? Maybe desi looks inspired by the Bratz? Or Disney princesses? We’ll wait.

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