TMB: Meet This Husband Who Helped His Wife Leave The ‘Parda’ Tradition Behind

If only all men could be feminist allies!

‘Parda’ is a tradition which has a long history in our culture. It has been practised by almost every woman in the past. It was a  practice where women are supposed to keep their faces veiled. However, with the increasing empowerment of women, this tradition has receded to a thing of the past in urban areas. But it still exists in most rural areas and even in some orthodox families living in urban areas. In the recent episode of Hauterrfly’s The Man Behind, we learn about the story of finance content creator Neha Nagar and her husband, Deepak Bhati who supported her on her way to the top.

There might have been various reasons behind the initiation of this tradition, but as time progressed it became a hindrance to the empowerment of women. It became a manifestation of the imposed inferior status of women and a shackle to their freedom. Therefore many women struggled to get the simple freedom of not covering their faces. And in this struggle sometimes they received support, such is the case of the popular finance content creator Neha Nagar. 

They both come from a rural background and Neha belonged to a conservative household. According to the norms, it was expected of Neha to remain under Parda. However, Deepak had before his marriage talked to his family that he would want to marry a working woman who will not remain under Parda. He convinced his family that Neha shouldn’t be pressured for it. After their marriage, Neha initially for a few weeks, remained under Parda and slowly, she stopped doing it altogether. She says this was possible only because of Deepak’s support in this decision. He handled his family for her. supported her and got this age-old tradition out of Neha’s life.

Deepak, by example, shows that women should be treated as equals and if provided with support they can do wonders. Deepak believes that Parda is supposed to be a symbol of respect according to tradition, but he says that respect can be shown in other ways than Parda. It can be shown by the way you talk, treat others and of course, by how you behave. Deepak is completely right, he is setting an example of a modern man. Parda, if it is supposed to be just a symbol of respect then it surely isn’t a very effective one. Wouldn’t it be better to see the respect in the person’s eyes than hide them behind a veil? 

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Neha and Deepak show a way of respectfully not accepting orthodox traditions. They didn’t disrespect the sentiments of their elders but, they also did not bow down to these mindless traditions. They provide a good lesson for all those people out there who need to understand keeping women under Parda does no good.

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