TMB: This Man Broke His Family’s Patriarchal Mindset Before Marriage. Guys, Take Notes!

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TMB: This Man Broke His Family’s Patriarchal Mindset Before Marriage. Guys, Take Notes!

Arranged marriage is undoubtedly a scary concept. A woman has no clue about the man or his family. She is scared and fears getting stuck in a conservative environment where she is forced to abide by orthodox norms. In such cases, the ideologies of a man play a crucial role in assuring the woman that she will not be devoid of her freedom after marriage. And this is exactly what Deepak clarified with his family before deciding to get married. It feels good to see men who keep their communication with family so clear that a new member entering their family does not have clashes over the same topic. The recent episode of Hauterrfly’s The Man Behind featured the sweet couple Deepak and Neha and some important conversations that should happen before marriage.


In episode 4 of The Man Behind, Neha, a famous content creator talks about the major role that her husband, Deepak played in her career. At the beginning of the video, Deepak talks about his conversation with his family that happened before marriage. He was very clear to have a working partner, and also confronted his family on some orthodox ideas related to a woman’s dress. He discussed with his family if they have any kind of problem with his to-be wife not wearing traditional clothes every time. A very practical point that he raised in this conversation was that a woman who is working and has a career has to wear formal dresses etc, and they should be fine with it. In fact, another valid thing said by Deepak was, that he was only concerned about his parent’s and siblings’ points of view on this matter and not what his extended family thought. His family was very supportive here, and even Neha expressed her happiness of being a part of Deepak’s family and said that she feels free.

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The Man Behind’s episode featuring, Deepak and Neha showed us how these conversations that we generally avoid or fail to have before marriage actually turns out to be the most important ones. Just because Deepak made certain things absolutely clear before having a new member in the family, became one of the many reasons why Neha feels secure and safe in such an environment. Her dreams did not end after marriage. She was supported by her in-laws too to flourish in life and be where she is today!

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