TMB: Here’s How This Man Became A Feminist Ally For His Wife And Supported Her Career Goals

Bhagwaan aisa pati sabko de!

As we all know, marriage is considered an important institution in our society even a person can live without it. And in our country, arranged marriages are very common but some people, especially women, are scared of this word because they have to spend their entire lives with a total stranger. In the latest episode of Hauterrfly’s The Man Behind, Neha Nagar, who is a famous content creator revealed that just like every other Indian girl, she was also scared of arranged marriages but eventually, she found the right partner who supported her career.

In the latest episode of The Man Behind, Neha Nagar, a famous content creator shared how her husband supported her career goals. She mentioned that she was very scared of arranged marriages because she was not sure if her partner and his family will support her decision of working after marriage. However, her husband became a feminist ally for her and also supported her career goals. Neha said that she had never imagined that she will be able to find the right partner in an arranged marriage but to her surprise, her husband made sure that his wife achieves all her dreams even after getting married. She added that her husband’s constant support made her a successful content creator.

Furthermore, Deepak even gushed over the fact that his wife got featured on the cover of Forbes magazine. He also said they both understand each other and that is the most important thing.



Well, it is good that Deepak, who comes from an orthodox family became a perfect partner for Neha and helped her in achieving her dreams and career goals. To know more about their story, let a look at the full video here:


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