Shriya Pilgaonkar Says Friends’ Marriages Make Her Think About Her’s

Girls feel the pressure to get married more.

As someone who is the first one in my friend circle to get married, my girlfriends tell me that the pressure on them to get married, too, has increased! Well, you know how such conversations take place in a brown household. Parents think that marriage works like a chain reaction. And this stands true more for girls. Once she turns 25, her parents will start bringing biodatas of prospective grooms and try to ‘set’ up arranged marriage dates. In the latest episode of ‘The Male Feminist’ with host Siddhaarth Aalambayan, Shriya Pilgaonkar talks about whether she felt pressured to get married by seeing her friends saying their wedding vows. She also got casual about the questions that arose in her mind when she saw her friends getting married.

Shriya Pilgaonkar got candid about marital stereotypes and pressures in a conversation with Siddhaarth. She said, “My parents really raised me as an individual. Not as a girl or a boy. So, I was given the independence to make my choices. And in that sense, what happens is people compare their momentum with everything that they see there. So that, to me, is very dangerous.”

The Broken News actor, then, talked about how observing people gets your mind to work in that direction. Giving an example of seeing people get married, Shriya said, “When you see people in your friend circle getting married, you start thinking ‘Accha karni hai kya? Kabhi karenge? Kaise hoga? Do you want a child?'”

She also said that every once in a while a family member will initiate this conversation as well. The 33-year-old actress further added, “But it’s fine. There is no stress or pressure. I always feel like these things will happen when they are meant to happen.”

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Chalo, we’re glad that Shriya does not feel the pressure to enter matrimony and she should not either. Marriage is not the ultimate goal in life for all girls. And we can only hope that people have entered the new year with a new soch and don’t keep pestering girls with rishtas!

The Male Feminist: Shriya Pilgaonkar Says Feminism Is Not Male-Bashing

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