‘The Man Behind’: Anisha Says Her Professional Growth Made Her Ex-Husband Insecure. Why Are Husbands Threatened By Successful Wives?

‘The Man Behind’: Anisha Says Her Professional Growth Made Her Ex-Husband Insecure. Why Are Husbands Threatened By Successful Wives?

The world is progressing each day in terms of many things and you can clearly see the change around you. Even when it is about women’s empowerment, the women of today are owning themselves, working hard, and making their own name and identity which is not dependent on their spouse or parents, unlike the old times. But in our society there still exists an issue, in fact, you too must have heard such conversations where men are asked if they can take a woman more successful and famous than them. Well, the very sad and harsh reality is that there are still many relationships where husbands cannot accept their wives being more successful than them which becomes a major reason for the women’s suffering. Among many of them, we hear the story of Anisha in the first episode of Hauterrfly’s The Man Behind, and the kind of trauma she went through because of this one reason.

In the very first episode of The Man Behind, Anisha shares her story with the world, the story where she talks about her failed marriage, the abusive husband, and how eventually found love and the perfect man for herself. There was a phase in Anisha’s life where her career as a model really took off. But this was not acceptable to her ex-husband, Siddharth. In episode 1 of The Man Behind, Anisha opened up about how her husband changed entirely when her career was at its peak. The man became over-possessive, to the extent that he would abruptly drop at her shoot locations and would engage in fights with the directors and staff. Anisha also revealed that there were times when he wanted to control her career and she was not even allowed to talk to anybody in the professional space, which made her job quite difficult. 


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Anisha’s story and I do not even know how many women in India or the world face this raging issue that comes out of a man’s “ego” makes me raise so many questions. Why can’t a man be supportive of his wife’s career and the results of her hard work and dedication? For so many years now, it has always been the women who have extended their support in whatever their husbands did, we have seen a world like that, but now with changing times why do some men hesitate to do the same for their wives? Are their egos so big and fragile that they cannot handle a woman’s success and get insecure about it? In the worst scenarios, women even face abusive relationship with these kinds of men, all just because she is better at their job and career. 

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