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Sushmita Sen Advised Daughter Renée To Not Rely On Her Privilege While Making Acting Debut

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We’ve come a long way since Kangana Ranaut kickstarted the nepotism debate on Koffee With Karan. The fire thus ignited has been burning nicely in one cosy corner of Bollywood conversations, with occasional statements by starkids and outsiders adding fuel to it. In fact, most celebs that I have interviewed seem to believe, at least on paper, that while nepotism is not necessarily a bad thing or avoidable, it never does and should not overtake talent. How many of them apply this practically? Unsure. But looks like Sushmita Sen is definitely going to try.



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When you’re the kid of a successful actor, it might seem like the whole universe is conspiring to help you achieve your dream of following your Ma and Pa’s footsteps and being an actor in the industry. However, when Renée Sen decided to make foray into movies, her mother, former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen, made her understand that she shouldn’t rely own her privilege to forge her path. She must do it using her talent and take only what she deserves.

Renée made her acting debut during the lockdown, in a short film called Suttabaazi, which has quite a relatable plot! If you’re someone with habits that your parents might not approve of, the lockdown must’ve been a tough time for you. And this might make you identify with Renée character, a teenager who has to find a way to smoke in the house, without her parents finding out about it.


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In an interview with NDTV, where she spoke about Suttabaazi, Renée Sen explained that she’d never consider exploiting her privilege, since it would be a disservice to her own work and talent.

“I am aware of how privileged I am. I know there are lakhs of people coming to Mumbai to become actors. I don’t want to boast but being her daughter has been the biggest privilege. So, the biggest disservice I will do if I am dishonest to my work.”

She also talked about how her mother, Sushmita Sen, was clear that Renée will have to earn her place in the industry.

“My mother always says that you must be deserving, and you cannot just take someone’s place because you are my daughter, if you don’t earn it then don’t be in it. I am very lucky, and I have to earn being here every day.”

Reportedly, the Sen family, which includes Sushmita’s younger daughter Alisah and her boyfriend Rohman Shawl, were quite proud of Renée in Suttabaazi. Sushmita Sen even teared up after watching the film. I can totally picture Sushmita going all “Haaye mere bachcha!” and giving Renée a warm hug!

I am a self-confessed Sushmita Sen fan and I absolutely love how she carries herself both on and off the screen. It’s nice to see she’s raising her daughters with so much love and teaching them to be thoughtful and trust their own talent and hard work instead of resorting to the easy way out.

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