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Shruti Haasan Doesn’t Want To Hide Her Relationship With Santanu Hazarika Anymore And Her Reason Is Sweet

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Love is such a beautiful thing, right? To be able to share the most intimate parts of yourself with someone you can wholeheartedly trust can be very liberating. Moreover, to be able to not worry about pretentious filters or vulnerabilities, it is nice to find that security and safe place in someone. Shruti Haasan seems to have found someone like that as she recently opened up about her relationship with Santanu Hazarika.

Shruti Haasan recently appeared on Mandira Bedi’s The Love Laugh Live Show and when asked about Santanu and her love story, Shruti said that he had done an art piece for one of their mutual friends. “I think we crossed paths a couple of times and we completely just walked past each other.” Shruti Haasan said.

Shruti Haasan said that she and Santanu started talking online and bonded over their mutual love for art, Swedish metal band Meshuggah and graphic novels.


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When asked by Mandira if she intended to hide her relationship status, Shruti said, “I hid a lot in the past. I have been very particular. I have been like, ‘Oh my God, I am totally single’ for the longest time. Because people were like ‘you have to appear that way, you have to appear desirable, available’. And one day I was like, ‘For whom? For what?’ I also felt like it was disrespectful to my partner– to hide it. It may or may not work out. We don’t know but I think it’s important to respect your environment and the people in it.”

Mandira then pried further into the subject, asking about what qualities she would seek in a man, Shruti Haasan said, “I would be looking for compatibility. It means many things. It’s just not enough that you love the same things. It’s that you have the same idea of how you want to approach life, that you don’t have major clashes when it comes to finances, religious decisions, ways of life.”

It is amazing to see Shruti Haasan and Santanu Hazarika having found love and partnership in each other. It is also heartwarming to see the mutual respect in their relationship. In today’s era of casual dating and flings, stories like theirs are what gives hopeless romantics like me something to look forward to.

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