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Sara Ali Khan’s Backless Blouse Has Everyone Wondering How It’s Being Held In Place. Wardrobe Malfunction Waiting To Happen?

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Twitter is my favourite place to be if I want to spend my time on social media. There is always someone who has dug dirt up on someone, dropped truth bombs or noticed hidden details which you would have been oblivious to. Since I am into fashion, I particularly love those tweets which point out a bizarre new trend or peculiar clothing which starts an open and often witty dialogue around it. Why I am saying this is because a Twitter user recently observed something odd in Sara Ali Khan’s backless blouse from Manish Malhotra’s collection Nooraniyat, which I had almost missed, even after watching the video a couple dozen times. 

Manish Malhotra posted a short snippet from the fashion film for his latest collection Nooraniyat on Instagram which featured Sara Ali Khan playing the bride for the designer. The outfit Sara is wearing in the video is absolutely stunning. It is ice blue embellished lehenga with the full-sleeved backless blouse and a dupatta. The blouse has a very contemporary aesthetics with a tiny detail that is making us nervous. You see, it is completely backless and there isn’t a dori or fabric in picture to secure the piece in place. A Twitter user shared the picture of Sara wearing the risky AF blouse and wrote, “Spent a good part of yesterday wondering how is that blouse holding.” And, we couldn’t stop thinking about it either.

The backless blouses like these usually have a halter neck with a tie up, a dori or a sleek waist band at the back to hold the bustier from the front to ensure it stays put. Sara’s blouse seemed to have some kind of special superpower that’s holding it up in all its glory without any support. I mean, HOW!

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The comments on the post were hilarious. A user wrote, “This will not last a second on the dance floor.” I haven’t agreed to a comment this quickly ever before. I would just just twirl and it would come off. Not even kidding. Another user wrote, “Imagine wearing this to some wedding or something. One step of shava shava and…” Desi weddings and a backless blouse are a bad combo anyway. Add this unsupported blouse and bhangra to it and you have got yourself a wardrobe malfunction, which is even worse. 

And then there were a section of people who brainstormed about how they could have made it work for the shoot at least. Not fevicol, as some wittingly suggested. One user said, “Mix of body tapes and silicon.” Another user shared a styling hack, “Kinesiology tape. Simple.” To this someone replied, “No man, it’s solid. I’m thinking fibreglass?” Yes, there was a legit discussion of how it could have held up. Did I mention how cool Twitter is? You learn so much on every Twitter thread. This one was all about styling hacks to keep a backless blouse in place.    

If you are still scratching your head thinking how a hauntingly backless blouse would be wearable and how Sara is making it stay up, we have the answer. Take a close look at the blouse in the video and you would know that there is in fact a nude mesh fabric that’s covering the back. It is almost invisible in the video but starkly edited out from the picture, giving the blouse an illusion of being completely backless. See for yourself!

Why would they edit it out, we have no idea. But at least we got some pearls of wisdom from the online stylist on how to make backless clothing like these stay in place. You know, if you ever need to. 

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