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Salma Hayek Shares Her Morning Beauty Ritual That Includes A Secret Beauty-Boosting Ingredient For Youthful Skin

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You ever wonder why celebrities look so unbelievably flawless even when they are off-duty?  Like even when their posse of humans who fuss over their hair and makeup are not around, they still look so freaking good. I mean, their morning selfies on Instagram makes me regret staying up late at night every single day. While I struggle with self-inflicted dark circles, they are flaunting porcelain skin, a spotless complexion and a gorgeous glow on their ‘woke up like this’ pictures. Well, I am guessing it could be my inability to eat healthy, follow a skincare regime and get adequate beauty sleep, which ironically is a dream as of now. However, celebrities don’t comprise when it comes to their skin. Mexican actress Salma Hayek is no different. The OG beauty queen recently gave us an insight to her morning routine on her social media account and revealed a secret beauty ingredient she swears by.

Hayek starts her day with a beauty shot—an orange juice infused with a bunch of ingredients that promote healthy and youthful skin. In the video that’s a little over two minutes that she casually shot in her home, she explains the beauty benefits of different ingredients she in her orange juice. Call it self-care, good diet or access to a plethora of beauty products and treatments at her disposal, Hayek looks flawless and this natural beauty recipe has some contribution too. And, so we are stealing it. She starts the video with, “If you want your morning OJ to take you to the next step, and the next step and maybe the next step, here are some tips for you,” before moving on to prepare the orange juice.

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Here is the video.


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To make the beauty-boosting morning juice, gather these ingredients, most of which you would already have lying in your kitchen as you read this. You need an orange, turmeric, brushed black pepper and pureed sea buckthorn. Hayek put the peeled oranges in the juicer to get the freshly squeezed juice and cites how good they are for skin since “they are such great source of Vitamin C”. She then puts in turmeric in it which is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. And here’s something I didn’t know. “For your body to absorb faster all the benefits of the turmeric, use a little bit of black pepper. It just makes it a lot more healthier (sic),” she said crushing some black pepper powder into the juice.

Talking about the secret ingredient, she adds pureed sea buckthorn in the juice. Sea buckthorn are sour berries from the Himalayas and are powerhouse of omega 7 which as Hayek also stresses in the video are incredibly “great for your skin, for your hair, for your nails, for everything.” She calls it adding “a little beauty to your morning.” Sea buckthorn are also supremely rich in Vitamin C as it contains 12 times the amount as found in orange. So, you can guess how this beauty juice can give you clean and bright complexion. Plus, Hayek also tells her fans that the ingredient also “helps your body to produce collagen” which improves elasticity and keeps your skin youthful and beautiful. Now, we know how she looks that young. The woman is practically ageing in reverse.

She signs off by taking a sip of the beauty potion she just concocted and lets out a disclaimer saying, “It doesn’t taste that great, I mean it is not bad but it is a little bit too sour but a little goes a long way.” Well, that’s honest but we still can’t wait to give the orange juice a try. Where can we find the sea buckthorn?

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