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Ruhee Dosani And Her ‘We Desi’ Friends Are Reel-ing Indians In With Their Hilarious Dance Videos On Instagram!

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Okay, confession: I kinda suck at making reels. I haven’t had much chance to practice. But even if I did, ya girl would probably get too conscious in front of the camera. It’s why I have immense respect for anyone who can do goofy things on camera and still manage to keep their swag (and dignity) on. Lately, with TikTok gone and Instagram Reels taking over our news feed, we’ve seen a whole new bunch of digital stars emerge. And one such. Instagrammer is Ruhee Dosani. In the past month alone, I’ve found the my friends and those who I follow share her videos every where. But it wasn’t until I spotted her and her dance crew on Netflix India’s Instagram page, paying tribute to Shah Rukh Khan by dancing on Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani, that I realised how viral they’d become!


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If you say “Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani” in your head, you automatically hear singing. @ruheedosani 💖

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Who is Ruhee Dosani and why you should be watching her videos

Ruhee’s Instagram bio doesn’t reveal much, except that she is a Punjab di kudi living abroad (not Canada, as she specifically mentions!). What I do know, from going through her profile, is that she would sing at gurudwaras, and her mom is one of the many super supportive friends and family who encourage her to keep doing what she does.


And what does she do? She regularly posts these videos of her and her friends, who are all non-Indians, dancing on desi songs. You’d wonder… alright, just foreigners dancing on dance videos? That’s enough to take Instagram by storm? Well, it’s the kind of dance steps that Ruhee and her mates pull off, their expressions, the insane props they use and of course, their choice of songs that set them apart and makes them worth sharing with your peeps!

The songs range from Bollywood to Bhojpuri to Marathi, and a whole lot of Punjabi of course!




They do retro Bollywood too, like this one R D Burman classic!


I think in honour of Navratri, the group also danced on Sanedo, and in the caption, Ruhee wondered why it is customary to sit down during the song before you can jump up and dance during the chorus!


But some of my favourites that made me ROFL were these completely bonkers songs, like the ‘Biggini Shoot’ remix made by Yashraj Mukhate (Kokilaben rap guy)!


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WHICH SHOOT? 👙 Song – @yashrajmukhate 🙌🏽 #WEDESI @keemosobie @_lailahchanel @jadaasiimone

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Wait until you see this latest reel though, of Ruhee Dosani and her friends dancing on Bhojpuri ’Isspiderman’, and Marvel at the sight of the props they’ve used!


Why is desi Instagram (and I) watching her videos on loop?

The thing I, and I suspect most Indians who follow her, love about what Ruhee Dosani pulls off in her videos is that even though you’ve got people from different ethnicities dancing there, they stay true to the Indian-ness of the songs. When they did Sanedo, they got the steps right! As a deprived Gujju (thanks ‘Rona!), it totally made my day. Even in Punjabi songs, when you watch them do bhangra, everyone’s nailing the steps to the T. What little bit of fusion they add to their routine doesn’t over power or appropriate the song, and that’s really awesome!


Every single person’s expressions are dripping with swag, but at the same time, will make you crack up! The fact that they’re all dressed for some cool hip hop but break into dance on, say, a Tamil song, AND use props like lungis and dupattas just ups the humour quotient!


While Ruhee usually lip syncs to the songs, what I found adorable is that even the other dancers try to mouth the words! A+ for effort on that one! The best part about these videos is that they don’t feel too rehearsed or staged. They seem to be shot all over, outdoors, in the lawns outside someone’s home, in someone’s living room! And everyone appears to be having a lot of fun. This could very well be someone’s house party videos, where you and your friends are dancing with carefree abandon like no one’s watching!


No wonder, the videos are going viral, with many celebs also commenting about how the video made their day. Many have praised them for finally giving Indian culture the representation that it deserves!

BRB, playing ‘Biggini Shoot’ on loop!

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