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Reddit Thread Talks About Men Having To Use A Ladies Room To Change Their Baby’s Diaper. Why Don’t We Have Changing Tables In Men’s Washrooms?

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There is an incident from my childhood of I want to talk about. I was under 10 when my father and I were in the mall. I needed to use the washroom but my mother wasn’t with us so it was upon my father to take me to the washroom. And while he leads to the men’s washroom (because what will a father out alone with his daughter do?) And while I was walking into the washroom with him, an adult male gave us this judgemental look. As a young girl, I didn’t understand why he looked at us that way but I do as an adult. It is absolutely nonsensical how men don’t have any provisions to take their babies and kids to the washroom if they need to. But, it is pretty common for women to take their children to the women’s washroom, regardless of gender. I was reminded of this incident after I read this question on r/AskWomen by u/TheNiceWriter saying, “How would you feel if a man with a baby used the woman’s bathroom for the diaper changing station?” And the responses by the women of the internet had the sweetest response:

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In a time when we are discussing having appropriate washrooms for trans people, it is extremely regressive that single fathers or men with babies still have to wonder what to do if they need to change a baby’s diaper. And what is this assumption that men don’t have any responsibilities as a father? While I understand that we live in a world where women are the ones who usually are responsible for anything related to the child. However, we cannot completely negate the fact that more and more men are taking up responsibilities for the home, family and kids. While the change is gradual, we cannot expect there to be any alterations in our patriarchal parental roles if we don’t help facilitate it.

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