5 Reasons Why Women Find It Hard to Forge Platonic Ties with Men!

Pyaar≠dosti, yaar!
5 Reasons Why Women Find It Hard to Forge Platonic Ties with Men!

Bollywood has conditioned us with the rules of friendships by telling us “Ladka aur ladki sirf dost nahi ho sakte!” We know and agree that men and women look at things like friendships and relationships differently. The dynamic of friendships for men is much more relaxed and breezy whereas, for women, all-girl friendships are deeper and more fulfilling. I wouldn’t be able to go a day without having a conversation with my girlies and giving them an in on all the masala in my life. However, we have observed that it’s quite hard for women to have this connection in male friendships. Most women find it difficult to make male platonic friendships and here’s why!

Flirt kar rahi ho kya?

Yeh misinterpretation ka kya scene hai, yaar? The fear of misinterpretation haunts cross-gender friendships. Women often fear gestures or actions being misread as romantic advances by men. This fear comes from societal expectations that men should approach women romantically, even when both parties desire a purely platonic relationship. In the end, women just altogether give up on this circle of misinterpretation because itna confusion kisko chahiye?

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Lost in translation

As we said, women and men work differently regarding SO MANY THINGS! The mismatch between how guys and girls communicate can create a full-on hungama, causing misunderstandings that put a stop to building those deep, dosti wale connections. You see, guys are like straight shooters, saying it how it is, while girls might prefer the scenic route, expressing themselves more indirectly. This communication mix-up can create confusion galore, making it a real challenge for both sides to decode each other’s intentions.

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Past Ka Drama, Bro!

Now when it comes to your past experiences, it’s like dealing with a full-blown rollercoaster of emotions and drama. Past encounters of mixed signals, one-sided love, and confusing love tangles can make women skeptical about choosing male friendships over female friendships. They’ve been through this drama before, and now they’re cautious AF, worried about getting hurt or ending up in wahi “Lost in Translation” wala situation.

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Dil Ki Baat

When talking about what you feel about each other, social expectations play a villain in these cross-gender friendships. Men are often taught to be strong and emotionless making it hard for them to open up in friendships with women and connect on a deeper level. It’s like society is constantly forcing them to be the strong, silent types, you know? This becomes a huge roadblock when it comes to finding deep, meaningful friendships for women.

Intentions clear hone chahiye na!

Platonic or romantic? The line blurs and then understanding where you stand in the friendship becomes a dangerous game. Women are legit scared that one friendly move will turn it into a romantic saga, while guys are constantly trying to look past the pressure. The constant ‘You guys should go out, cute lagte ho saath mein!’ can make a purely platonic friendship go down in a snap!

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Considering all this, we know how hard it can get to look for people who have clear intentions and are open to building deeper friendships. But koi nahi, being open about what you feel and giving friendships to bloom will do the work!

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