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Radhika Apte Said She Couldn’t Step Out For 4 Days After Rumoured Nude Video Leak. It Wasn’t Even Hers.

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When you’re a celebrity, controversy is that unwanted guest that lands up at your door randomly and there’s nothing much you can do about it. The most notorious ones are photo and video leaks. So many female celebrities have had their private photos and videos leaked. And if that isn’t worse, it is they, and not the people violating their privacy, that are trolled and taunted. The fact that when you search a Bollywood actress’ name on Google or YouTube and the top hits include searches like “hot photoshoot” “sex scene” and “nude” next to their name, it speaks more about people’s disgusting mentality than actor’s character. And Radhika Apte knows first hand how disturbing such a controversy can be, having had rumours about her nude video leaked at one point.


The Raat Akeli Hai actor recently spoke to Grazia about how her much-acclaimed role in Leena Yadav’s Parched came to her at such perfect timing. At that juncture in her life, Radhika was filming for a movie called Madly, a segment called Clean Shaven, and there were rumours of a nude clip of her’s leaking, and the trolling that followed affected her badly.

“I was trolled badly, and it did affect me. I couldn’t step out of the house for four days, not because of what the media was saying but because my driver, watchman, and my stylist’s driver recognised me from the images.”

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Radhika Apte said that she was done with Bollywood constantly telling women what to do and not do with their bodies. So when Parched came along, and she was required to strip for her role, she saw things in a whole new light.

“The controversial photographs were bare-skinned selfies, and anyone with a sane eye would have guessed it wasn’t me. I don’t think there is anything one can do, or one should do, but ignore it. Anything else is a waste of your time. So, when I stripped for Parched, I realised: ‘There’s nothing left for me to hide’.”

Clearly, Radhika Apte managed to spin this into something positive eventually. But let’s be honest, these photo and video leaks are only getting more and more dangerous and carry the potential to ruin people’s lives and careers. Especially with things like deepfakes, it has become so easy to turn one thing into something else entirely.

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