Queen Elizabeth II’s Death: What Is The Official Protocol To Be Followed Now That The Queen Is Dead?

Queen Elizabeth II’s Death: What Is The Official Protocol To Be Followed Now That The Queen Is Dead?

The world is in shock over the demise of Britain’s long-reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth. She passed away ‘peacefully’ at the age of 96 in her Scotland home. The Queen was the figurehead of Britain and had held the throne for 70 years. Condolences are pouring in from the world over by presidents, prime ministers, ministers and other figures of state. The Queen’s demise has intrigued all and raised several questions in the minds of commoners on how things will function up ahead. What are the procedures that are going to be followed, how are the powers being going transferred to the late Queen’s eldest son, Charles, and what the funeral procedure will be? So, here is the order of things that will take place post Queen Elizabeth’s demise.

Operation London Bridge

Immediately after the Queen’s demise, Operation London Bridge was set in motion. This operation includes her death announcement, details of her funeral and a 10-day mourning period as well. It is said that the Queen herself had planned the details of her state funeral. It is also important to note that the day of the Queen’s death is termed D-Day.

Operation Unicorn

The Queen’s demise in Scotland rather than in London has brought about several changes in the original plan of her funeral. Since the Queen passed away in Scotland, Operation Unicorn will also be set in motion. The name, so, has been chosen as the unicorn is the official animal of Scotland. As a part of this operation, the Queen’s body will be brought back to Holyroodhouse, the Queen’s official residence in the Scottish capital, Edinburgh, from Balmoral, where the Queen breathed her last.

A reception service will also be held at St Giles Cathedral, for which Her Majesty’s body will be carried in a procession. After this, her body will be brought to London in a royal train from Edinburgh’s Waverley Station in a coffin, which will be received by UK’s Prime Minister Liz Truss and then it will be taken to Buckingham Palace. If bringing the Queen’s body by train is not possible, then it will be flown in and this will be known as Operation Overstudy.

The national anthem of the UK will also be amended in order to incorporate the now King Charles in it as well. Gradually, over the years, the UK currency notes and coins will also be replaced with King Charles’ photo. The Union Jack, the flag of the UK, has now been lowered to half-mast at Buckingham Palace as well.

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Operation Feather

The Queen’s body will be kept at Westminster Hall at the Palace of Westminster for a period of three days. Visitors will be able to pay their last tributes and respects to her for 23 hours a day.

Operation Spring Tide

The succession of King Charles to the throne is termed Operation Spring Tide. It is a codename assigned to King Charles.

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