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5 Problematic Reactions To The Chandigarh University Hostel Video Leak Case That Highlight How Regressive Our Society Is

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How many of you feel that we Indians have the problem of not understanding the core of the problems clearly? I mean, varied opinion on the news is still acceptable but the concern arises when the person’s opinion does not really align with the actual problem being talked about. They are absolutely on a different tangent on the same topic. A similar situation can be seen in the recent case in Chandigarh University where the students protested against the leak of obscene videos of 60 girls. The case is slowly unfolding and the truths to it are gradually coming to the surface, however, it is a shameful incident that we are currently witnessing in our country. But what is more shameful are some unreasonable reactions to it.

Misplaced Priorities

Veteran actress and BJP MLA, Kirron Kher’s reaction to the video leak row was a hilarious one. The actress took to her Twitter account to put forth views on the whole case but first decided to clarify the constituency under which Chandigarh University falls. Erm, okay. As per the tweet, Kirron Kher condemned the situation and showed solidarity with the girls of the university but firstly she mentioned that the name of her city should not suffer because Chandigarh University is in Kharar, Punjab. Yes, ma’am, priorities.

The Hostel Warden’s Twisted Sense Of Justice

Another disturbing video that surfaced from Chandigarh University was the hostel warden dealing with the whole situation. When the matter of the girl recording naked video was taken to the hostel warden, she handled it in the most immature way. In the video, she can be heard saying, “Strip the girl naked and film her video.” What wrong the girl was doing to the other girls, giving her the same punishment is not justice! The warden also did not immediately report the matter to the concerned officials. As per the latest updates, she has been suspended by the University.

Men And Women Trashing Feminism

Well, some people just look for incidents to bash feminism, absolutely mindless about the gravity of the situation. How people relate this whole case with feminism is really above my level of understanding. Twitter users are calling this situation a “feminism peak”. Why is there even a need for this feminist trashing conversation to happen? Crimes do not depend on gender and this is clearly not the incident to bring up the topic of feminism and calling it “fake”.


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Men Finding A Weird Comfort That The Perp Is A Girl

A false sense of displacement is happening, where men are actually happy about the fact that a woman is the main culprit in this deplorable act. This is really sad because again such people fail to understand how to form opinions on such delicate topics, and instead spread a negative mindset. This incident shouldn’t be used as a scapegoat to trash on women!


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Swati Maliwal On Punjab Women Commission (PWC) Chairperson’s Reaction

Okay, this news is a good example of being on a different tangent altogether. Swati Maliwal, who is the chairperson of the Delhi Commission Of Women has condemned the reaction of PWC’s chairperson Manisha Gulati. Swati raised questions about why Manisha was smiling while talking about such a serious situation during the press conference. This is how any news in our country is diverted because there are some unimportant dialogues that overshadow the real problem.

How will the focus remain intact on the main issue when our country has to first deal with some irrelevant dialogues?

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