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Priyanka Chopra Says She Was Terrified To Return To Work Amidst The Pandemic, Cried On The Plane. It’s Only Normal!

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As the world opens up after almost a year and a half of being shut down, there some sense of normalcy creeping in into people’s lives. In many countries abroad, outdoor events with huge crowds, like concerts, film festivals, and sporting events, are all being held. But sitting here, in India, it all feels like a different world altogether. Here, we’re still grappling to get our population their first vaccine dose, and effectively keep our infection rate from growing. There are many who are back to work in offices, and many of them aren’t particularly happy about it. Because it would mean leaving the safety and comfort of their homes and venturing out into the unknown, where danger could come from one handshake, one wrong touch of a dirty surface. For Priyanka Chopra, Bollywood projects might’ve been moving on slowly in India, but her Hollywood projects began shooting in full swing a while back. And the transition from WFH to work from a studio or set was not easy for her.


The pandemic didn’t exactly slow PeeCee down, who managed to launch a book and do press for it, launch her own line of hair care products, promote a bunch of movies that she was a part of or was producing, and shoot for some exciting new projects as well. All this, while sneaking in enough quality time with her gorgeous Jonas Brother crooner husband, Nick Jonas, and her family. But leaving the snuggly comforts of her home, where she felt safe and protected from the pandemic was rather difficult.

According to TOI, in a recent interview with Vogue India, Priyanka Chopra spoke about how she was nervous about returning to work, or rather, flying to a whole different country, away from her family after all those months together.

“I spent six months at home feeling really safe with my family, and then Germany was the first time I left to go work. I cried on the plane. I was terrified.”

It’s understandable. I know I am a little terrified every time I step out of my home for something. It is worse for people who have anxiety issues because the sheer risk factor is enough to make them worried about what might happen if they step out.

Luckily, this queen had a knight in shining armour—husband Nick Jonas—who swung by to make sure she was okay!

“He, my mum, my family came with me and we spent Christmas and New Year’s together while I was filming. It was really nice to not have to come back to an empty home. Nick wanted to help me settle in,” revealed Priyanka. Isn’t that cute?


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Priyanka Chopra will be seen in Citadel, a web series for Amazon Prime Video by the Russo brothers, which will have her and Game Of Thrones and Marvel’s Eternals actor Richard Madden headlining the series. It’s slated to be a unique outing, which will spin-off into a global franchise with iterations in local languages in India and Italy. As per reports, the Indian spin-off will be helmed by Raj & DK, the creators of The Family Man.

PeeCee also has a romantic drama, Text For You, lined up, in which she stars opposite Outlander and SAS Red Notice actor Sam Heughan. And how can we forget, she’s also in The Matrix 4, starring alongside the likes of Keanu Reeves! Back home, Bollywood awaits with the recently announced Jee Le Zaraa, a fun road trip movie with Katrina Kaif and Alia Bhatt that will be written by Zoya Akhtar and directed by Farhan Akhtar.

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