Pooja Bedi Tests Covid Positive, Says Not Vaccine But Natural Immunity Will Help Her Recover. Really, Now?

There are two kinds of people—one who believe that getting covid vaccinations will prevent them from catching the virus and the other who believe that their natural, body immune system will fight the Covid virus without being vaccinated. With so many studies and research being done on the Covid vaccines, one would think that those belonging to the latter category would have a change of opinion or at least after getting tested positive for covid they might take the necessary precautions and steps to fight it, but that is not often the case. There are many who still believe that getting vaccinated for Covid is not important. One of them being actress Pooja Bedi, who chose to stay unvaccinated and now has tested positive for Covid.  However, even now, she believes that her natural immunity will help her fight and recover from Covid and will not be taking the vaccine.

Pooja Bedi, recently, took to her Instagram account to share a video of herself wherein she revealed that she, her fiancé, and her domestic worker have all been tested positive for Covid. She also revealed that it was her choice to not get vaccinated and believes that her natural immunity will help her recover. 


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On Sunday, the Bollywood actress posted a video on Instagram wherein she said, “Hello everyone! I have been wondering why I have not got the coronavirus till now. It is so infectious and everyone, at some point, is going to get it. Well, voila! Seems that I have now caught it. I have tested positive.” Pooja Bedi in the video also shared that at first, she thought it was her dust allergy as she had been cleaning her cupboards but later when her health worsened, she went for a test and tested positive for Covid. She also shared that the virus has had her passing out quite often.

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The actress further assured her fans saying that she has been taking all the necessary precautions. Pooja said, “We must know that 99 percent of people who caught coronavirus before the vaccines came out have survived. And, 99 percent post the vaccination have also survived. We need caution, not panic. The fact is, we have tools and aids on our side.” She added that she has been eating fresh fruits, drinking kadhas, taking steam inhalations, etc. to recover as soon as possible. 

In the video, Pooja Bedi further explains, “I know I have been vocal about not taking the vaccine. For me, it was a choice that I took. I know that my immunity will naturally rise up and I want to rely on my natural immunity. Each one of you, go make your own choices, this is my chronicled journey.”

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I am all for personal choice and to exercise it when and where one wants it. But situations like a pandemic where you could be putting so many people around you at risk by not taking the vaccine is not just reckless but also misusing your right to personal choice. By not taking the covid vaccination, many people could’ve risked a lot of lives around them and that is unfair. I urge you to please do your bit of research on the vaccines and get vaccinated at the earliest possible.

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