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Pooja Bedi Is Unperturbed By Her Ex-Husband Marrying Her Childhood Friend. It’s So Awkward Though

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Pooja Bedi has exhibited a liberal view of life and relationships time and again – be it in her choices or in the advice she often gives in her column. Unlike many, she has been open about her relationships. She has fallen in love before and honestly, and I believe it is her fierce personality that makes her so radiant. Pooja Bedi oozes confidence and is unhesitant to make her own choices. Knowing when to walk away from a relationship is a skill that requires confidence and self-love after all. But a breakup doesn’t mean things have to go sour and the way her equation has transformed with ex-husband Farhan Furniturewalla is inspirational.

Recently, in a conversation with Samir Soni, Pooja Bedi revealed that she is good friends with her ex-husband, Farhan Furniturewala and they often hang out together. “I am great friends with my ex-husband, he got married to a childhood friend of mine. They have a child together. I went for their wedding with the kids. We are great friends. He comes to Goa, we go to each other’s homes, we hang out. It’s really nice,” she said. Of course, many of us would not be okay with the idea of our exes dating a close friend of ours. You know how Alia and Ranbir got so much hate initially because she used to be Katrina’s close friend! The entire nation was bothered by that. Maybe we are not above the petty things in life but Pooja Bedi is! But Katrina too has moved past it and chosen happiness and healing.

Pooja and Farhan have two children together, Alaya and Omar. They were married for 12 years before they decided to part ways. Pooja had even converted to Islam to make things easier for the kids. It’s funny they got divorced on Valentine’s Day! Farhan is now married to Laila Furniturewala and Pooja is happily engaged to Maneck Contractor.


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“You can end something well, with love and respect. Just because something ends doesn’t make the person a bad person. Thank you for the good times. Thank you for the two beautiful children. It’s not like because of the 12 good years that I have to suffer 50 bad years. Thank you for the 12 good years and somebody else has come along and will make the next 50 years really beautiful, and his too because he is also entitled to happiness. Everyone is entitled to happiness,” she said.

Such kind of emotional maturity doesn’t come easy. Most of us are often driven by insecurities; we hold grudges, consciously or subconsciously. But true healing comes with detaching yourself from these grudges, from forgiving and understanding that people deserve to be happy, even without you. True healing comes when you know you deserve to be happy, irrespective of who is there with you and who isn’t.

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“My kids Alaya and Omar are the centre of my existence and they know it.. I share a wonderful relationship with their father (Farhan Furniturewala). There’s no animosity. This makes my children emotionally stable,” Pooja Bedi had said in an interview in 2007. The thing is, it’s not divorce that affects the kids; it’s how you handle it. If parents handle the divorce with maturity, the kids find themselves in a much stable and loving environment.

Pooja Bedi got engaged to Maneck Contractor after dating him for over a year. In 2019, he proposed to her on a hot air balloon. Announcing her engagement, she tweeted, “He has literally swept me off my feet… i accepted Maneck Contractor’s proposal whilst sailing in a hot air balloon. Wish all of you a lifetime of happiness & to always dream of a rainbow at the end of a storm.”

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