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Payal Singhal Calls Out Others Labels For Copying Her Designs. More Designers Should Speak Up About The Copycat Business In Fashion

February 08, 2021 | by Anjali Agarwal
Payal Singhal

There is a very fine line between inspiration and imitation and this line often gets blurry in the world of art and design where a lot of designers see no harm in blatantly copying someone else’s creative aesthetics in the name of ‘inspiration’. And, they get away with it too, partly because the culture of fashion replication has become conveniently normalized and partly because the original designers stay mum about it. However, recently, one celebrity fashion designer who has witnessed her designs being imitated stitch by stich for years, finally broke her silence and called out a bunch of labels and brands who were guilty of the duping her work. Payal Singhal put her foot down and called out fashion labels for ripping off her designs in her Instagram stories.

She listed out six brands who were guilty of stealing her designs and churning out clothes that look too similar to the PS collections. She wrote, “After years of silence and realising how my silence hasn’t helped and thanks to so many of you writing to me to tell Us that we must call out the ones who simply leech off other peoples years of honest hard work…here are some brands that are currently blatantly copying the PS brand.” The fashion houses that got featured on the stories for plagiarizing her designs were Anuja Banthia Label, Enech by Nupur Harwani, Vyom by Ritu Seksaria and House of Saesah. One of these brands even used the images from the designer’s photoshoot. There is no end to copycatting, it seems.


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Payal Singhal’s collections mostly feature contemporary styles, colourful patterns and minimal, millennial-esque designs. It’s fresh and youthful and cater to the modern Indian women who gravitate toward traditional yet trendy styles. The identical prints and patterns were found on other fashion labels’ collection that Singhal was informed of by her followers multiple times. She is not the first designer who has been a victim of having knock offs of her designs being sold online but she’s perhaps one of the first who has refused to look away. We think more designers should call out the labels who rip off their designs and market off their hard work at half price without credit.

Originality in fashion is a rare thing to find. Even the biggest fashion brands and designers have been accused to copying prints, styles and silhouettes from their counterparts but it often get unnoticed. However, an anonymous social media account exists on Instagram by the name of Diet Sabya that is solely dedicated to unveiling these fashion copycats and protect the true and honest art. At times, it has even manage to create controversies and offend the biggest names in fashion businesss by naming and shaming them for unethical practices. The copycat problem is very real and apparent and unless designers call out the plagiarism, this is never going to end.

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Anjali Agarwal

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