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Paul Rudd And Dan Levy Enjoyed Indian Thali At Asma Khan’s Restaurant In London. A Crossover We Didn’t Know We Needed!

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We love it when Bollywood celebrities do normal people stuff, because it fosters this sense of proximity and kinship with them, which is something we probably already feel with the fictional characters they might play on screen. And thanks to social media, we get to see a lot of that these days. The emotion is even more overwhelming perhaps when International celebrities that we admire, and who tend to feel far or worlds apart, do something that isn’t appropriation but genuine love for your culture. Like when you know Tom Hiddleston has family in Bengaluru and knows what ‘Akka’ means. Or when you find out Daniel Craig wanted to work with Aamir Khan in Rang De Basanti, or that Daniel Radcliffe once stood in line to get Sachin Tendulkar’s autograph. Or when you find out that not only were Dan Levy of Schitt’s Creek and Paul Rudd aka Ant-Man from MCU hanging out together, but they also gorged on Indian thali!

Indeed, my dudes, this be true.

Asma Khan, who has previously been on Netflix’s Chef’s Table (Season 6), has a restaurant in London called Darjeeling Express. And on Sunday, she tweeted a picture of herself standing next to two fine gentlemen who looked familiar. He Who Never Ages, Paul Rudd aka Ant-Man from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or Crap Bag from Friends, or Josh from Clueless, depending on which fandom you belong to), was relishing an Indian thali! What’s more, this was the second time he was dining at Asma Khan’s restaurant. And this time, he brought along a friend who was none other than Dan Levy, creator and star of the Emmy award-winning sitcom Schitt’s Creek!

Asma Khan tweeted the picture—which gives us a generous glimpse into the thali that included pooris, some mutton gravy, rice and Indian mithaai‚—and even shared a selfie of her and Levy on her Instagram, promising to serve him biryani on his next visit.


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A post shared by Asma Khan (@asmakhanlondon)

Awww David! Look at Dan, looking all comfy and chill in his robe! And Paul Rudd, the man who came back for the curry, he looks not a day over 29.

Twitter was gushing over the picture, and it took no time to get into the Schitt’s Creek and ‘dining with an Avenger’ references. And of course, the inevitable as ever topic of Paul Rudd not aging at all/ageing like fine wine.

(This, above, is literally me!)

I mean seriously, look at the guy! Is Indian food the secret to your glowing skin, Paul? Tell us!

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I also love how so many people started talking about the Indian food on their thali!

Khan has had a few other celebs too drop in to enjoy her food. If you scroll through her Instagram, you’ll see she posted a throwback from 2 years ago, featuring another Friends alum and a David IRL, David Schwimmer!


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A post shared by Asma Khan (@asmakhanlondon)

Even though looking at this picture makes me stomach rumble and my mouth drool, my heart is so full knowing that Dan Levy and Paul Rudd enjoy eating desi khaana!


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