Opinion Apna Apna Ep 5: Delhi Men Reveal Unconventional Way Of Approaching Women!

Ladies, do we like this approach?
Opinion Apna Apna Ep 5: Delhi Men Reveal Unconventional Way Of Approaching Women!

Delhi has always been known for its vibrant culture and its people. But when it comes to men and women, Delhi is a whole different ball game. Delhi men can be quite bold when it comes to approaching women and it often leaves the women feeling a bit perplexed.  With the newest episode of our vox pop video series, Opinion Apna Apna, host Alisha Parvez discovers the different ways Delhi men think approaching a woman and guess what you won’t be surprised.

The responses in this latest episode had the perfect amount of fun, cliche tactics, and everything chaotic. While some of the men were so shy that they did not ever approach a woman for the fear of rejection but some were just not courageous enough to talk to a girl. And some even went on to even say that stalking the girl is just the way to her heart and if she is really interested the ek na ek din toh maan hi jayegi.

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But is there truly a certain way to approach women? It’s usually (and not fairly) expected that men take the initiative and make the first move in relationships. This is likely rooted in how men and women were socialized from birth, with men being taught to be the aggressors and women being taught to be the receivers.

Nowadays, men tend to approach women in a variety of ways. Some men will take the traditional route and make the first move in a bar or club, while others will try something a bit more creative. Men may also approach women through online dating, through mutual friends, or even by simply saying hello in a public place.

And the best part about this episode was when Alisha asked some of the guys to approach her, and the responses were hilarious. While some of the men were cute and helpful while talking to Alisha and pretending to like her they mentioned being confident as one of the key features but there were also some men who were really very creepy and straight up on their intentions of hookup. Well, the heart wants what it wants. 

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While there is no one-size-fits-all answer to how men should approach women, it is important to remember that respect is key. Men should be respectful of the woman’s boundaries and be aware of how she may feel about the situation 

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