‘Opinion Apna Apna’ Ep 4: Most Delhi Men Think THIS Is The Ideal Body Type!

What a fun episode!
‘Opinion Apna Apna’ Ep 4: Most Delhi Men Think THIS Is The Ideal Body Type!

Is there such a thing as a perfect or ideal body type? Is there one body type which is preferred by everyone above others? We recently addressed this question on a new segment of Hauterrfly called Opinion Apna Apna. In episode four of this vox pop video series, Opinion Apna Apna’s host Alisha Parvez Thakur went around Delhi asking men about their opinion on the “ideal” body type of a woman. Their opinion made for an incredibly interesting episode.

This interesting and funny episode gives us a glimpse of the preference of Delhi men. Some of the men provided us with a refreshing answer, that they don’t believe in the idea of a perfect body type. They believe that there is no such thing as a perfect body type and one of them correctly said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. This growing acceptance among men is a sign of progressive thinking and focusing on the mind and personality of women rather than just their physical appearance, shows that women are more than just beautiful showpieces to them.


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Women are often conscious of how they look much more than most men, this is because of the idea that women are supposed to look pretty above anything else. Beauty, however, shouldn’t be restricted to some particular body type but unfortunately, this isn’t the general opinion. However, it can be changed if the admirers of beauty break the set criteria and appreciate all kinds of body types. And this is what some of the guys in the episode said, according to them all body types are beautiful and honestly they are truly the lover of women. 

But the most amazing thing from the episode was that every guy believed that women shouldn’t be conscious of themselves and accept themselves because they are beautiful in their unique ways. Which is correct! And on the topic of being conscious, because men stare at them, the general opinion was to not be conscious which is easier said than done. But maybe not all of them stare at the women with ill intentions but are just appreciating your beauty, but this isn’t the case in most situations. Women are mostly objectified which is the reason why we feel conscious when men stare at us. But come on, let’s not be ready to demonise every man! 

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This episode gives us an insight into how men like to appreciate the beauty of women both exterior and interior, and most men love women in all sizes and shapes as long as they vibe with her. It was a surprisingly good interaction and I sincerely hope most men do learn this thought process for real, don’t you?

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