Opinion Apna Apna: From Old To Young, Here’s What Delhites Think About Couples Making Out In Public

They made sense!
Opinion Apna Apna: From Old To Young, Here’s What Delhites Think About Couples Making Out In Public

Kya apko bhi couple PDA se problem hai? Well, it’s no surprise to find couples making out in public spaces like parks or grounds. There has always been a debate on whether this is morally right or wrong. And to find what the public at large feels about this, host Alisha had a candid chat with the people of Delhi in the latest episode of Opinion Apna Apna. From the older generation to the younger, Delhites shared their thoughts on the couple PDA in parks and even had a message for the youth. 

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In the new episode of Opinion Apna Apna, show host Alisha engages in a fun and honest conversation on the much-debated topic of couples’ PDA (Public display of affection). In this chat with the Delhites, Alisha gets a closer insight into what the old and young think about couples making out in public. Many of the old aged aunties clearly disapproved of these “Activities” and said that it was against the Indian culture. There were middle aged-uncles and some aunties who supported the idea of love and couples hanging together but were not comfortable with their display of affection.

Among them, someone also said that couples can make people of the same age awkward if they are with their parents, otherwise it was never an issue. Well, hard to disagree here! When asked if they have ever stopped any couple from doing PDA, many respondents answered with a NO. The fact that couples refused to listen to anyone was the main reason why no one bothered to stop them. 

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The Delhites also had a message for the youngsters as per which they wanted these couple to enjoy, and have good conversations with their partners in public spaces but refrain from engaging in any kind of PDA activities. 

Well, apart from some, most of the respondents made sense with their opinions!

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