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Masaba Gupta Says Skin Colour And Scars Are Irrelevant, The Important Thing Is To Keep Your Chin Up

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A lot of times, we give unnecessary attention and weightage to our uneven skin tone, bumpy skin texture we got from teenage acne and that one scar we wish we could remove. This is because we are conditioned to believe that the way we look is an important aspect of our personality and it’s not entirely our fault since we have all grown up hearing things like “Who will marry her?” for the barely visible mark on our face or skin tone that’s slightly darker. We end up worrying about it and feel inferior to others, not realising that these don’t define us. And if they do, they only mean we are real, unfiltered and basically humans. Celebrities, who we think possess ever-so flawless skin and complexion all the time go through the same struggles too. But there are only a few who speak of their insecurities and how they deal with them. Masaba Gupta is one of those handful of celebs who have talked about colorism and always preach self-love. 

The fashion designer has opened up about how she was made to feel inferior because of the colour of her skin and her lineage as a kid. However, she has learned to love and embrace her gorgeous dusky skin tone as well as is immensely proud of being of mixed race. In a recent Instagram post too, she gave a word of advice for everyone who is struggling to accept themselves. She said the only important thing is to keep your chin up, rather than fretting about the so-called imperfections. She wrote, “What if I told you that no matter where you come from, the colour or your skin or the hook of your nose, or that scar from 7th grade, amazing things will happen to you. But you must keep your chin up. You must always keep your chin up. You must always look up.” 

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She also said she is proud of her roots and is not just one thing. She wrote, “When I am asked who I am or who I want to be. I never really have an answer. My grandfather was from Benaras, my mother is from Old Delhi. My great-grandmother from Lahore. And my father from the Caribbean. But I have my eyes on the world. Then how can I be just one thing?” These hard-hitting yet enlightening posts came after she posed as a Sabyasachi bride for a magazine decked in his latest bridal wear collection. She kept it real and natural, without air-brushing her flaws off. 

She flaunted her natural skin without attempting to hide any scars and texture in the photoshoot. And, she looked gorgeous. We think it is incredible that she didn’t try to appear flawless, but natural and real just like any Indian bride. In fact, she made sure she didn’t look filtered for the shoot and gave a shout out to her MUA Elton J Fernandez for abiding by it.  

She put up a short BTS video from her makeup room in her story and wrote, “An appreciation post for Elton J Fernandez who did my make-up for this shoot. Thank you. I’m mostly scared of makeup artists outside of those I work with – because I’m very particular about looking like myself and not being whitewashed. I’m arrogant and unapologetic about my brown skin shining in its glory and I’m so glad you feel the same way.” 


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Masaba is making a strong case for self-love here and we love how ‘arrogant’ and ‘unapologetic’ she is about her skin colour, lineage and her perfectly natural imperfections that she shows off with so much sass. I think all celebs should follow suit and try to look as natural as possible in shoots and their Insta pictures to set an example like this.  

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