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This Louis Vuitton Bag Has Massive Holes In It And Is Priced At 8 Lakhs. Yeah, We Don’t Get The Appeal

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Do you also have a bucket list for shopping in which you have some classic luxury fashion items that you want to invest in and own, or are you normal? Well, I sure have a long list of iconic designer pieces that I wish to splurge on and add to my wardrobe once my paycheques allow. This obviously includes a Cartier bracelet, Manolo pumps and a Hermès Birkin bag. Oh, and definitely a Louis Vuitton tote. There’s something about those LV monogram bags that just scream ‘I don’t live pay check to pay check’ and I want that. However, they might not always be the most practical and sensible. Then again, if I was going for sensible, I would buy my bag at the local high street store. Which is why, despite me wanting a tote from LV, this one is a hard pass. This Louis Vuitton pre-owned x Comme Des Garçons burned holes monogram tote comes with three enormous holes burned right into the centre. If you are already cringing, wait, because there’s more.

The hole-y bag is truly breath-taking mainly because the price will make you gasp for air. The pre-owned bag is currently ‘on sale’ but don’t get too excited because you’d have to shell out INR 8,77,982 (US$ 11,900) to make it yours. It is designed by Comme des Garçons’ Rei Kawakubo and comes with the signature dark brown leather with the monogram embedded, round handle straps with the LV luggage tag hanging and three very unmissable burned holes. But don’t you worry. It does come with a pouch bag inside that can keep your stuff safe and secured and falling out from the holes. So, any takers? No?



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The bag was launched in 2014 for around US$ 3000 and the preloved accessory was put recently for sale for for $11900. True LV loyalists and preloved fashion hoarders would rush to get their hands on the bag but Twitter users, much like us, are baffled. They couldn’t wrap their heads around the fact that a bag full of holes was ridiculously expensive, that too when it is second-hand and would come with some rips and tears here and there. And they are not wrong. I mean desi moms would flip out if they found out a seemingly average looking bag with burned holes in it and might even toss it out in the trash, if they don’t know it is worth 8 lakhs.

It’s not the first time Louis Vuitton has dropped a crazy and also crazy-expensive fashion items that made absolutely no sense and demanded your entire year’s salary. Before this, they introduced a very questionable face shield in the midst of the pandemic that featured gold studs and was sold at 70 grand. Why would you need a pricy face shield adorned with gold studs to fight a virus? Not just this, from an LV dog collar to band-aids to even trash bags, the Italian fashion brand hasn’t shied away from broadening their monogrammed goodwill to various ranges and product lines, regardless of how far-fetched and unrelatable it is from their business purview.

Coming back to the burnt and perforated LV tote, we are sure we are not breaking our bank account to get a bag that looks like a brown Swiss cheese. Plus, given my long history of bad luck and clumsiness, I am sure to either drop my stuff or better yet, be pickpocketed every single time I carry this bag. So, yeah, I’ll pass.

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