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Kylie Jenner Posed For Photo Covered In Blood And Reactions Range From Period Jokes To Disgust

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One of the spookiest and my most favourite festivals is right around the corner and I couldn’t have been more excited about it. Yes, I’m talking about Halloweeeeeen! I love Halloween because of how gruesome and eerie everything is. And yes, I’m aware that we don’t celebrate Halloween on a big scale in India, but my friends and I do end up planning a fun party on October 31st, where we dress up in the most ghastly costumes and celebrate the festival. What excites me further is seeing all the brands coming up with various campaigns around Halloween and how creative they get with it. But this year, Kylie Jenner won my heart by making this spooky season even more spooky as she shared a picture of herself butt-naked and covered in blood from her latest photoshoot.

Kylie Jenner took to Instagram to share a picture of herself where she sat completely naked and covered in fake blood. The picture is from a photoshoot that she did to promote the KYLIE x Nightmare On Elm Street collection.

Her new KYLIE x Nightmare On Elm Street collection that drops today is completely Halloween-themed. And to promote it Kylie Jenner posted this dark picture with the caption, “MY KYLIE X NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET COLLECTION LAUNCHES TOMORROW! 3pm pst 🔪🩸” What makes this one interesting is the reactions it has got on Twitter.


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Netizens who have come across this post by Kylie Jenner have given mixed reactions and comments about it. While on one hand there were those who laughed out loud while making period jokes (trust me they’re hilarious), on the other hand, some of the people were completely disgusted by it. In fact, some of them went as far as labelling it “disturbing.” 


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Having read some of the comments on the picture of Kylie Jenner, I have to say that I really did laugh out loud at some of the period jokes (I might have related to some of it, just saying, LOL). And though I kinda agree with some of the comments that called it disturbing, I believe that Halloween, at the end of the day, is all about being as spooky as you can and having fun with it. What did you think of Kylie Jenner’s Halloween look?

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