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Jacqueline Fernandez Reportedly A Victim Of A ₹200-Crore Money Laundering Racket, Says Enforcement Directorate

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Our country has probably churned out more scams and scamsters than Olympics gold medal winners. Harsh truth, but a truth nonetheless. And sometimes even the high and mighty or the famous can become victims of these scams. From actors to businessmen, there have been quite a few cases where they have fallen victim to scams and money-laundering rackets. Take the most recent case of Bollywood actor Jacqueline Fernandez, who found herself embroiled in a money-laundering racket worth ₹200 crore!

Recently, the Bhoot Police actor was summoned in for questioning by the Enforcement Directorate (ED), which set rumour mills churning like the last time the ED called in actor Yami Gautam. However, it was late clarified that Jacqueline was there only as a witness in the case of a ₹200 crore money-laundering racket.


According to sources in the Enforcement Directorate, Jacqueline Fernandez reportedly became involved when after Leena Paul, the partner of the mastermind behind the entire ₹200 crore racket Sukesh Chandrashekar, brought her into it. The sources revealed, “She is not an accused, but is being examined as a witness in the case against conman Sukesh Chandrasekhar.” They even added that Jacqueline has provided the police with some crucial information in her recorded statement, a procedure that went on for over five hours.

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As per NDTV, the police investigation of the case has also revealed that other than Jacqueline Fernandez, another top Bollywood actor was also targeted by Chandrashekar. However, his name has not been revealed due to security reasons. 

The ED have also revealed that they seized a sea-facing bungalow in Chennai, over a dozen luxury cars, and ₹82.5 lakh cash in this case, based on an FIR filed by the Delhi Police’s Economic Offenses Wing against Sukesh Chandrashekar and others for conspiracy, cheating, and extortion of about ₹200 crores.

A statement was released by the ED that stated, “Sukesh Chandrasekhar is the mastermind of this fraud. He has multiple FIRs against him and is presently lodged at the Rohini jail.”

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I guess it really doesn’t matter how famous or how influential you are, when the bad times come knocking on your door, there is no evading them. Having said that, if you’re in the clear and have done nothing wrong then there is always hope that you’ll come out of it unscathed. Here’s hoping things get resolved soon for Jackie!

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