This Twitter Thread Discusses How Rare It Is For Female Characters To Be Disinterested In Men!

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This Twitter Thread Discusses How Rare It Is For Female Characters To Be Disinterested In Men!

We live in the post-modern era where women are supposed to be equal to men. But alas, the world isn’t quite there yet. Women are still seen as baby-producing machines and asked to stay at home. Crimes against women keep increasing day by day and opportunities for aid and support are inadequate. Women are still treated like the second sex and we’re way behind the points where we expected to be. So, yes, women are still treated as side characters instead of protagonists in their own lives. Alas, much like the real world, the world of movies is also stuck in a place where they aren’t quite treating female characters equally yet. Sounds beyond awful, doesn’t it?


The truth is that the entertainment industry is still male-dominated and so, female characters are used as mere objects to just move the story along for the benefit of the male characters. Even now, they continue to show women as prizes that can be won. Furthermore, there is a massive lack of appreciation for women in movies.


It’s very rare to see female protagonists who are not sharing sideways glances with men, aren’t busy talking about romance or the lack of it, and aren’t hyper-sexualised. Most of us are still waiting for movies where female characters love their bodies and learn to be happy with their unique selves and existence. Why do they always have to look either very cute, sexy or pretty? Literally makes no sense, does it? Things like these are precisely why most movies around the globe still end up miserably failing the Bechdel test.

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In fact, let me ask you, how many times have you seen female characters choosing Independence instead of running in for their true love’s kiss? I’d love to see a movie where a woman chooses to be by herself and focus on her career. No kids, no romance and no family-based or societal pressure. It really sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

Plus, these movies always end up setting up the most toxic standards of love for men and women alike. The whole love-at-first-sight deal with the serendipitous encounter would never really happen. Why do these movies teach men to keep chasing women to woo them and why can’t the female characters just say no for a change? Like, why do they ultimately have to end up falling for each other? This would never happen in real life and it makes us crave a type of romance that doesn’t really occur.

Why are we busy creating archetypical stories for men to follow and ignore the word ‘no’? What about friendship? Why can’t men and women be friends in movies? Nothing really makes sense in the reel life, huh? An astute Twitter thread was recently discussing this issue and the people involved in the conversation all made some truly valid points.

It began with a tweet by @RottenInDemark, who pointed out that we rarely see women in movies are not interested in men.

In response, the user received comments from several men who spoke of being conditioned to think that woman would almost always have to have something going on with a male character. Exhibit A: Shuri and Namor in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. People are already ‘shipping’ them, because why would a woman just have a diplomatic arrangement with a man, right?

More people wrote in about how we need movies or plots where there’s no sexual tension between a man and woman and their story evolves on other fronts, but not romantic.

Someone went further and demanded that a female character who doesn’t want kids need not be shown to have had ‘a change of heart’, which is usually the case in movies and shows.

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A tweet that particularly caught my eye was by @SabraMBoyd, who pointed out, using a personal experience, how men perceive this ‘uninterested woman’ as a challenge, and this kind of mindset is responsible for men’s utter lack of understanding that no means no.

Isn’t it about time that we tear apart the age-old concepts of movie romance and create movies that have an atmosphere or representation, appreciation, reality, equality and of course, entertainment? The world really needs this major makeover, doesn’t it?

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