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Face Masks 101: Which One Should You Use According To Your Skin Type

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The world of skincare is perplexing. More so for a beginner or a rookie. There’s no shame in admitting that you are completely clueless about what a serum actually does or what goes first between a toner and exfoliator. We have all been there. Plus, the invention of a new beauty product every day and a hundred different variations of the same skincare staple makes things even harder to grasp, let alone incorporating these in your daily routine. No worries. We are here to help, guiding you through the complex skincare sphere, taking one beauty baby at a time. Today, we are talking about face masks. Not the coronavirus ones. The fun, beauty ones.

Now, in theory, face masks aren’t exactly a new category in skincare. It’s been around for quite some time now, one of the first K-beauty products that seeped their way through everyone’s shelves. However, there are so many options, textures and ingredients offered in this single product that one can easily get confused as to which one to pick according to your skin type and its needs. There are sheet masks, clay masks, cream masks and a couple more like bubble masks, peel off masks, the list never ends. Plus, there’s a plethora of ingredients being used in face masks and it’s important you pick the right one that works for your skin problems and skin type. Let’s get you acquainted with the types of face masks that you should know about, so you can get yourself the right one. 

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Clay mask 

Clay masks are known to zap excess sebum from your skin and thus, it makes an excellent addition for those blessed with oily and combination skin type. They can also help tighten pores, remove impurities and keep acne at bay. So, if you are dealing with any of these skin problems, you can add a clay mask to your skincare routine. Try WOW Skin Science Pink Rose Clay Face Mask for rejuvenated, clear skin. It also works for dry skin. 

Charcoal Face Mask


A charcoal mask is also a gift from the Korean skincare, superpowers of which were unknown till very recently. It has a special cleansing power to draw out deep-settled dirt, oil and impurities from the face and leave it squeaky clean. It’s a god sent for those struggling with blackheads, whiteheads, clogged pores and have oily skin type.  We recommend Global Beauty Secrets Greek Charcoal Face Masque

Cream Face Mask


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Cream face masks are great for hydrating and nourishing the skin which makes them suitable for all skin types, because honestly, regardless of how dry or oily your skin is, it always needs moisture. It largely depends on what ingredient you are going for in the cream mask you are picking. You can choose one that works on your skin issues, like this Pilgrim Red Vine Face Mask With Mulberry And Rosehip Oil works on cleansing and exfoliating skin, while also keeping it moisturized. 

Sheet Mask


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Sheet masks are fun. They drip of a gooey, skin-loving product that is simply packed with solutions to your skin problems. Sheet masks too are super hydrating and work for normal, dry and sensitive skin best since they are pretty gentle. Pick a sheet mask with the right ingredients for your skin woes like Pixi By Petra Vitamin-C Sheet Masks that turns drab skin fab by boosting glow and brightening complexion. Also, in case you didn’t know, it’s residue can be slathered on the neck and arms to make the most of it.

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